Yale professor: Global Warming skeptics are just like Hitler


Yale history professor Timothy Snyder had an article in the New York Times on Sunday called, “The Next Genocide,” equating anyone who questions global warming with Adolf Hitler. Seriously.

Apparently, disagreeing with the left’s scaremongering war on science means skeptics are telling future generations that they have to die in order for this generation to live. But remember, it’s those who notice the left’s endless inconsistencies and fallacies who are the extremists, we are told.

Breitbart’s James Delingpole added:

The Nazis were very green. Snyder got that bit right. They passed the first national environmental laws: the Reich Nature Protection Law of 1935. They were big on organic food (Himmler wanted his SS to eat nothing but). They were into animal rights. (In 1933 Goering said that anyone found guilty of animal cruelty or experimentation should be sent to concentration camps. No really). And of course Hitler himself was mostly vegetarian and fiercely anti-smoking.

As I have recently noted, evidence continues to pour in showing that everything we have been told by climate alarmists has been wrong.

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