Whoopi Goldberg demonstrates the left’s embarrassing ignorance of the Constitution


Legal scholar Whoopi Goldberg condescendingly lectured Kim Davis, Christians, and anyone who actually grasps the Constitution on Tuesday, informing us all that “if you make that decision that God is your boss, then you can’t work for the Federal Government,” as reported by Daily Caller.

(Let’s ignore the fact that Kim Davis was a County Clerk for the state of Kentucky, and not a federal employee)

When the Supreme Court tears the Constitution to shreds by inventing bogus rights out of thin air for one group at the expense of another group’s actual right to free religious exercise (thereby lawlessly transforming the latter group into second-class citizens), that ruling is unconstitutional and therefore invalid. Kim Davis defended the rule of law by resisting blatantly illegal orders from power-tripping judicial tyrants.

If anything about this is still unclear, please review: Top 10 liberal lies about Kim Davis and Top 10 liberal lies about the Constitution

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