What the Founding Fathers knew about people

The Founding Fathers, who were products of the Enlightenment period and had a unique vantage point on the rise and fall of civilizations throughout history, noticed something about liberty and tyranny…everything happens in an unstoppable cycle.

•First, people start out in the chains of bondage and total tyranny.

•From that comes religious zeal, which eventually leads to emboldened self-liberation.

•Liberty leads naturally into abundance, wealth and prosperity.

•Prosperity leads into complacency and apathy.

•From apathy comes dependence and eventual re-enslavement (what is happening now).

Around and around we go.

It’s an innate, overwhelming force of human nature based on the limitations of our design, and resisting it is like resisting the tides. It takes Herculean efforts to even affect it, and those who understand this often just have to weather the storm until those around them re-learn this lesson through pain and suffering.

The Constitution was one of those Herculean efforts. The Founders knew the arrival of a corrupt, lawless tyrant was eventually inevitable, and even knew that it would only take about 200 years (history repeats). They never tried to convince themselves that a piece of paper would hold off those who had zero respect for the rule of law.

The idea was to create a culture so paranoid about tyranny, and with such extreme constraints against centralized power, that it would take an insane amount of effort to impose anything on people, thus delaying the worst part of the cycle for the maximum amount of time.

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