Top ten signs something is wrong with the 2012 election results

It is one week later and the overwhelming evidence of rampant Democrat voter fraud, corruption and theft throughout Election 2012 continues to pour in like an avalanche. Here are the top ten signs the official vote tallies have been seriously compromised:

10) In a brief “follow-the-paper trail” experiment by a local news team in Florida, at least 94 non-citizens were immediately and effortlessly caught illegally voting.

9) Democrats lost every single state that requires voter ID.

8) Numerous reports of Romney voters being turned away at the polls due to someone already having voted with their name, and of Democrats publicly bragging about voting multiple times and about criminally sabotaging electronic GOP get-out-the-vote systems…and an overwhelming number of poll watchers reporting widespread fraud.

7) Philadelphia polling stations where Republican inspectors were kicked out (like the one with the giant tyrant-worshiping mural to Democrats on the wall and Black Panthers posted out front) had ridiculous Third World dictatorship-type results: 90% voter turnout, 99% of which went for the president.

6) At least 70,000 voters, almost entirely in swing states, reported significant problems casting their ballot correctly (imagine how many didn’tfile a complaint) and voting machines in Pennsylvania were found consistently switching Romney votes.

5) In addition to the IRS deliberately suppressing Tea Party support, at least 52 Democrats were caught committing voter fraud, and one poll worker in New York was even caught telling people they had to vote for Democrats.

4) In Ohio, where at least hundreds of fraudulent voter registration cards have already been identified and one out of every five voters turnedout to be bogus, Democrats were caught shipping in bus loads of Somalian voters who couldn’t speak English and “helping” them vote.

3) In scores of precincts all across Pennsylvania and Ohio, Mitt Romney got literally zero votes–a virtual statistical impossibility for a major party candidate in any precinct, let alone over sixty of them.

2) Ten counties in Colorado went from around 50-60% voter turnout in 2008 (about average) to 104-140% in 2012.

1) The numbers just don’t add up. Extensive surveys from mainstream, reputable organizations like Gallup, Pew and Rasmussen all demonstrated a huge party identification advantage for Republicans, and the only polls that suggested a Democrat win (the only ones the news media would talk about) were ones that wildly over-sampled registered Democrats.

In a disastrous economy, Romney had a nearly 40-point advantage over Democrats on the two biggest issues to voters (the economy and the budget), and all the most reliable predictors pointed to a Romney win…but instead, just over one week later, Romney barely lost the popular vote. Over 5 million Republican voters (who turned out for completely uninspiring leftist RINO John McCain in 2008) either didn’t show up or didn’t get their vote counted.

The numbers irrefutably indicate that this election was stolen.

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