Top ten media ‘fact-checker’ lies

Here are the top ten most egregious examples of media “fact-checkers” like Politifact and peddling blatantly erroneous DNC misinformation:

10) Smearing Mitt Romney as a liar for correctly noting that Democrats had not gone to Israel.

9) Lyingly insisting that Obamacare will guarantee coverage for more than 30 million uninsured (fixing a ‘problem’ that never existed in the first place), when even the CBO admits it will leave 30 million uninsured with zero coverage.

8) “Debunking” the claim, repeated recently by Paul Ryan, that Democrats have added more to the national debt in less than four years than every other president in U.S. history, by misrepresenting his argument as being that Democrats added more than every president in U.S. history combined, and then pretending to set the record straight.

For the record, Democrats did add more to the national debt in their first 19 months since taking over than every president from George Washington to Ronald Reagan combined.

7) “Debunking” Paul Ryan’s criticism of the left’s utterly failed “stimulus” program by citing the CBO’s ridiculously fraudulent “report” on how many jobs were “created or saved” and then misrepresenting only the absolute upper limit of the wildly-inflated estimate as the official number of jobs created.

6) Blasting a conservative advocacy group as dishonest for correctly claiming that Obamacare could cost up to $2 trillion, when even the CBO’s own estimates put the number at $1.76 trillion…just for the first few years.

5) Falling over each other to attack Paul Ryan as a liar for correctly pointing out that Democrats gutted Medicare by $716 billion…a fact even Democrats themselves are on the record openly admitting.

4) Hysterically excoriating Mitt Romney for correctly observing that Democrats stripped the work requirement from the wildly popular and successful welfare reform bill of 1996.

3) “Debunking” GOP arguments criticizing the left’s astronomical explosion of federal deficit spending…by hilariously insisting that Democrats have increased the deficit less than anyone in modern times. This flies in the face of all known data on the national deficit.

2) Vilifying Sarah Palin as this scandalous fear-mongering liar for correctly asserting that Obamacare would give the Federal Government the power to ration health care for seniors (i.e., ‘death panels’).

1) Indignantly condemning the accurate description of Obamacare by conservatives as a government takeover, smearing it as “simply not true,” “inaccurate,” and even “ridiculously false,” when all the evidence shows unmistakably that there is no other way to describe it.

Liberals have mastered this game of using fake or laughably biased “experts” and “fact-checkers” to silence whichever debate they can’t win on fair terms at the moment. They did it during the Obamacare debate. They do it routinely with global warming. And they also regularly conspire with journalists (see herehere, here, hereherehere, and here) to prop up their arguments with bogus propaganda that pretends to set the record straight.

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