Top 15 signs global warming is a fraud


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15) Alarmists have fallen over each other to smear and discredit dramatically cleaner energy production methods like fracking, just as much as they do all other abundant forms of energy, no matter how many times it is proven to be overwhelmingly safe and clean. The only energy liberals will support is astronomically expensive “green” technologies that fail at every turn and cannot survive without being constantly propped up by government.

14) The politicians pushing this debunked insanity have to compromise scientific reports, manipulate studies, and hand-pick laughably biased, unscientific “data” from groups that ban all dissent.

13) We continue to receive hysterical warnings about record C02 levels, even though the Earth’s temperature has stayed the same for almost twenty years now.

12) Democrats have now abandoned the idea of considering any new data or allowing a free exchange of ideas (i.e., actual science) and openly embraced the strategy of simply smearing, ridiculing, and ostracizing anyone who disagrees.

11) The left’s lawlesstyrannical fanatics at the EPA continue openly using data from admitted frauds to justify unilaterally destroying entire industries (which even they admit will do nothing about greenhouse gases).

10) Those who peddle this delusional, scare-mongering nonsense will blame anything and everything on global warming, regardless of how absurd it is.

9) The ice sheets we keep hearing so much about …are actually still growingnot shrinking.

8 ) The leader of this hysterical mob and its war on science, Al Gore, has had his “award-winning” environmental fantasy propaganda banned from use as educational material in Britain, due to rampant, outrageous falsehoods and wild exaggerations.

7) The Earth isn’t even getting warmer, and was actually much warmer long before man ever built his first car or factory.

6) There has never been anything close to a “consensus of experts” (see herehere, and here).

5) Scandals and studies from recent years have forced even the most dedicated proponents of the Green Scare to reverse their positions on a number of fundamental alarmist arguments, despite non-stop propaganda on their behalf from our overtly partisan DNC news media.

4) Evidence continues to pour in showing that alarmist assertions have been deeplyflawed since the beginning.

3) Warming and cooling patterns can be directly tied to solar activity.

2) Top experts have been caught outrageously misrepresenting pure speculation as hard fact and inventing ridiculous hoaxes at every turn.

1) The enormously influential scientists directing this scam have been caught blatantly doctoring data, vindictively silencing anyone who does not conform (sounds familiar), and plotting to set up  bogus “investigations” to whitewash their corruption out of the picture (which was already being buried by almost the entire news media).


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