Top 10 signs Obama is a seething racist

10. He uses phrases like, “typical white person,” which would be a career-ending move for any white politician referring to to blacks.

9. Among his numerous written admissions to having racist views, he admits to wanting to emulate the actions of notorious racist leaders like Malcolm X.

8. In “Dreams of My Father,” Obama ranted about “the white man’s rules,” bitterly turned everything into a matter of race, and admitted to despising white people. He clarified that “any difference between good and bad whites held negligible meaning,” and admitted that he had to learn to smile at white people as a tactic to manipulate them.

7. Based admittedly on zero evidence, Obama rushed in to trash white police officers in Cambridge, MA for the non-controversy of arresting a flailing black ignoramus who would not explain why they caught him breaking into a house…after being called about a possible break-in.

6. He uses sleazy, dishonest racial smears to stir up anti-white hysteria and divide the country for personal gain.

5. He is on the record admitting that the most infamous mob of black racist criminals in the country—ACORN—would directly “shape the agenda” of his presidency.

4. He appointed a radical black nationalist and proud communist (Van Jones) to an extremely influential White House role personally advising him on policy.

3. He sat in the pews of a racist lunatic for 20 years…and then claimed not to have known what the person who baptized his children, performed his wedding, and personally guided his political career stood for.

2. He refused to prosecute Black Panthers for armed voter intimidation at the polls during the 2008 election that put him in office (DOJ attorneys resigned in protest). He also appeared with leaders of the hate group at a campaign event in 2007, in which he marched down the street with this proudly racist group as it endorsed him, in an open display of solidarity.

1. He forces through openly racist policies against white people at every turn.

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