Top 10 most ridiculous liberal responses to the Charleston shooting

10) Think Progress responded by condemning South Carolina for not passing biased “hate crime legislation.”

9) The New Yorker responded by blaming the GOP, the Tea Party, and by likening anyone who disagrees with Obama to a mass-murdering racist lunatic. Literally.

8) Salon responded by blaming “Fox News and the right-wing media,” and by demanding that “white America must answer for” the attack. This bizarre, divisive objection to conservatives getting to express opinions in public was accompanied by demands to know why white people are “so violent,” what “white politicians [are going to] do about white crime,” calls for more aggressive attacks on gun rights, and the use of the term, “right-wing domestic terrorism” over and over, and over again.

7) Michael Moore responded by demanding that people tear down the Confederate flag (despite the widespread public rejection of that idea), and by hysterically condemning Charleston as the place “where the terrorist rebellion by racist traitors – also known as the Civil War – began in Charleston on April 12, 1861.” Never mind the fact that every other country in the Western Hemisphere abolished slavery peacefully…because their abolitionists didn’t use tyrannical, in-your-face assaults on state sovereignty and openly trample basic constitutional rights to force the immediate obliteration of the practice at gun point.

6) Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley responded by telling the world how “pissed” he is that the NRA resists Democrat attacks on our constitutional rights. Hilariously, the would-be leader of the Democratic party—which has been in bed with unions, trial lawyers, Planned Parenthood, and every corporation from Goldman Sachs to JP Morgan for years—added, “How many senseless acts of violence…will it take to get our nation to stop caving to special interests like the NRA when people are dying?”

5) Hillary Clinton, who hysterically demonizes Republicans as hating women, trying to stop blacks from voting, and taking everyone’s health insurance away, responded by blaming the “inflammatory” rhetoric of Republicans like Donald Trump, and by demanding further attacks on the 2nd Amendment.

4) CNN responded by airing a far left rant about gun control and redistribution of wealth from a South Carolina state senator without questioning or challenging it in any way, and by shaming the American people for failing to surrender their 2nd Amendment rights.

3) The New York Times responded by insisting that “right-wing extremists” pose a greater threat to America than radical Islam—the people who slaughtered thousands of Americans in the streets on 9/11, who stone women for being raped, who riot and murder people over cartoons, and who regularly now behead and burn Christians alive throughout the Middle East. Approximately one attack on an abortion clinic, federal building, or black church per decade makes “right-wing extremists” the greater threat.

2) South Carolina State Rep. Carl Anderson responded by blaming Fox News for allegedly speaking in some kind of racist code that only Democrats ever seem able to detect, which they can never provide examples of or explain. Never mind the fact that Dylann Roof would still be responsible for his own thoughts and actions, even if this latest fraudulent witch hunt against Fox News contained a shred of evidence or sanity.

1) The White House responded by falsely trashing America for its gun violence (which liberals constantly lie about) and by erroneously insisting that “this type of mass violence doesn’t happen in other advanced countries.” The administration complained that the shooter “had no trouble getting [his] hands on a gun.” Of course, since Dylann Roof acquired his weapon illegally, pointing this out merely highlights the futility of passing more gun laws for criminals to ignore.

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