Top 10 liberal lies about Ronald Reagan

The left’s relentless 24/7 smear campaign against Ronald Reagan for daring to prove that liberal policies are the problem has now reached a fevered pitch, with Hollywood propagandists and partisan liberal “fact-checkers” coming out of the woodwork to trash his legacy at every turn, desperate to discredit the record they cannot explain away or compete with, using laughably absurd misinformation that flies in the face of all the facts and evidence.

Here are the top 10 outrageously false talking points used by liberals to misinform the public about Ronald Reagan’s record:

1) Reagan gave tax breaks to the rich, causing a shortage in government revenues, requiring him to then raise taxes repeatedly on the Middle Class.

Reagan did dramatically lower taxes on those who create all the jobs in this country, thereby exploding economic growth and reversing the disastrous failure of liberalism under Jimmy Carter. And he did get politically forced by Democrats into ending some obscure tax deductions and passing some incredibly trivial and temporary increases in cigarette and gas taxes, thereby technically allowing dishonest liberal propagandists to willfully misrepresent him as having repeatedly “raised taxes” to rescue the economy…despite knowing that Reagan’s policies drastically reduced overall taxation, while still increasing federal revenues (by adding millions of taxable new jobs).

2) Reagan tripled the national debt.

It is pretty brazen for any Democrat to even mention this subject, considering the utter national bankruptcy to which they have almost irreversibly enslaved future generations at this point.

Under Reagan, the national debt went from $2.79 trillion to $5.1 trillion, with a massive worldwide arms race against the Soviet Union running at full tilt. Under Democrats, our much larger national debt has doubled (and that’s without taking into account all the future spending Democrats have committed us to), and we have already gone more than $6 trillion further into debt–far worse than any damage Reagan or either Bush ever did.

3) Reagan oversaw Iran/Contra.

This patriotic act of genius by Reagan sought to work around the tireless Democrat obstruction of aid to freedom-fighters in South America by arming Iran’s regime (installed by Democrats), which, at the time, was fighting the far greater threat to our allies and interests in Iraq. For being willing to do whatever it takes to fight America’s enemies, protect its allies, and defend its national interests, Reagan has been excoriated by liberals…who burn our flag, ban our Pledge, betray our allies and root for our enemies at every turn.

4) Reagan funded Terrorists.

Of course he did. When a terrorist group (the Taliban) is resisting a maniacal communist regime bent on global conquest (the Soviets), you aid that terrorist group. It’s called supporting whatever policy advances your own national interests at the moment…and every country on Earth is allowed to do it except America, apparently, according to liberals. The policy to be offended by would be the left’s insistence on armingfunding, supporting and even recruiting bloodthirsty Islamic lunatics who mass murder civilians and are at war with this country.

5) Reagan destroyed jobs.

As Forbes demonstrates with its graph of every presidency going back to FDR, job-creation absolutely exploded under Reagan (the current administration dead last). Liberals also absurdly pretend that Reagan giving job-creators more of their own money back to create jobs with somehow caused jobs to be sent overseas (which is actually caused by tax hikes, over-regulation, labor unions, frivolous lawsuits, etc.–all the Democrat policies that make it completely unaffordable to do business here).

Interestingly, liberals also fail to explain how the initial job losses during Reagan’s first two years (before he turned a disastrous Democrat economy into a thriving recovery) weren’t leftover casualties from the Carter years…a point liberals constantly rely on to falsely blame President Bush for the left’s complete and utter economic failures.

6) Reagan ignored AIDS.

According to Human Events, citing the American Federation for AIDS Research:

-237,428 people died of AIDS under Reagan,

-3,328,978 died of AIDS under Clinton,

…so Clinton apparently cared far less about AIDS than Reagan, according to the left’s embarrassingly kindergarten logic on this.

Additionally, as this Congressional report demonstrates, Reagan actually spent billions of dollars on AIDS research, in dramatically increasing amounts, despite the fact that things like heart disease and cancer were far more deadly diseases killing many times more Americans. The left’s actual complaint on this is not that Reagan ignored AIDS, but that his special treatment for gays at everyone else’s expense wasn’t more extreme.

7) Reagan gave amnesty to illegal immigrants.

This absolutely happened, and liberals are 100% correct: Even Reagan was not conservative enough.

8) Reagan attacked unions and the Middle Class.

This is a familiar leftist charade: Pretend to be outraged at the destruction of the Middle Class (which is the ultimate goal of liberalism) while only you continue pushing the policies that destroy it. For example, as Obamacare continues to skyrocket health care costs, the poor are staying poor, the rich are staying rich, and it is those in the Middle Class who are being violently shoved into a lower standard of living. Again, everything liberals fight for and protect makes it harder and harder for the Middle Class to exist (tax hikes, over-regulation, labor unions, frivolous lawsuits, etc.).

Unions are an unmitigated disaster for this country (see Detroit), and stopping their abuses is defending the Middle Class.

9) Reagan raided Social Security.

As CBS Money Watch explains, it simply never happened. But even if it had, perhaps this would demonstrate why we shouldn’t have enacted an unconstitutional nanny state program requiring us to entrust our retirement planning to politicians.

10) Reagan doesn’t deserve our adoration.

Apparently, Ronald Reagan deserves no particular gratitude or respect for rescuing us from utter economic ruin under Democrats, defeating the Soviets without going to war, and masterfully articulating our founding principles of individual liberty, free markets and limited government for the Ages. Liberals insist on vindictively smearing and vilifying the legacy of anyone who defends our rights and interests against non-stop Democrat failure, incompetence and treason…until they are marginalized, discredited and destroyed, regardless of the facts.

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