The complete list of Hillary’s qualifications

The following is an exhaustive, comprehensive list of every reason Democrats have been able to come up with to vote for Hillary Clinton:
  • She has a vagina.
  • She was cheated on by her pathological sex-offender of a husband (whose policies wrecked the economy and caused 9/11).
  • She was a Senator just long enough to accomplish absolutely nothing other than to run for president.
  • She was Secretary of State just long enough to preside over Benghazi, our endless groveling and surrender to Russia, Islamic terror states, and our appeasement of Iran as it went nuclear.
  • Her candidacy was hijacked and destroyed by Obama in 2008.

That’s literally the entire list of her qualifications. Her genitalia, and being a repeated failure, loser, and victim. She cannot offer one single actual, legitimate reason for anyone to vote for her.

She is a corrupt,  scandal-plagued elitist snob, a habitual liar,  and an open enemy of the Constitution with a track record that ranges from non-existent to disastrous. Only among the gender-obsessed emotional hysterics of the left could such a worthless career-criminal with zero to offer the American people ever be taken seriously as a contender for the presidency.

And the only other option they have to offer is a Marxist nanny state tyrant who wants to double the national debt, raise taxes to obscene European levels, and obliterate what little is left of the Constitution at this point.

Top 10 reasons Hillary Clinton should never be president

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