Ten signs the Bill of Rights was about enabling armed revolution

The Bill of Rights was our Revolutionary Founders’ way of ensuring that individuals and states would always be able to rise up against the Federal Government and “alter or abolish” it whenever necessary, as Thomas Jefferson put it in the Declaration of Independence. In order to confront and stop a hijacked, rogue government that has turned against the rights and interests of its rightful rulers, a free people must always have the right to:
  • openly criticize and condemn lawless tyrants (1st Amendment),
  • assemble freely with their fellow citizens (1st Amendment),
  • demand that the Federal Government back down and reverse attacks on their rights and liberties (1st Amendment),
  • practice free religious exercise-the basis of Natural Rights (1st Amendment),
  • own and carry advanced, modern firearms (2nd Amendment),
  • communicate with each other securely in private (4th Amendment),
  • not be falsely persecuted, abused, or forced to incriminate themselves by federal officials (5th, 6th, and 8th Amendments),
  • not be overruled by un-elected, unaccountable federal judges in civil cases (7th Amendment),
  • not be denied other rights simply because they haven’t been explicitly listed in the Bill of Rights (9th Amendment),
  • self-rule (10th Amendment).

For more on what the Founding Fathers intended, see Top 10 liberal lies about the Constitution.

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