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San Bernardino terrorist was thoroughly ‘vetted’

It has now surfaced that one of the Islamic terrorists who recently mass-murdered Americans in San Bernardino, Tashfeen Malik, was “vetted” before being allowed to come to this country. She came to the U.S. on a visa issued by the same painstakingly vigilant federal agencies now insisting that Syrian “refugees” (terrorists) being imported by the thousands will also be properly “vetted.”

As Ben Carson recently put it, this “should end the conversation” about refugees.

This would be the same administration that is currently going out of its way to reward and legitimize as many illegal immigrants as possible for spitting on our laws and breaking into our country by the millions, in open defiance of its sworn duties under the Constitution…not to mention the rights and interests of the American people. It is the same administration that gave Iran everything it wanted as it pretended to stop going nuclear, created ISIS by ignoring all the experts and prematurely pulling everything out of Iraq, and told us ISIS was “contained” just before its latest international killing spree.

This administration officially has zero credibility on national defense at this point.


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