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Why does every community Democrats ‘help’ get worse over time?


Newsflash: Liberals stand for nothing but Democrat power. This is about exploiting blacks for votes by maximizing failure and dependence while race-baiting the black community against everyone else…at the expense of their credibility, personal responsibility and dignity. It is about keeping blacks poor, angry and voting for the nanny state demagogues who led them down this path in the first place.

Obama’s top 10 most racist policies against white people

Black Lives Matter is a terrorist group pushing a fraudulent narrative

Inconvenient truths about the left’s false narrative on race

Democrats have always hated black people

Obama backs racist preferential treatment for school children

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Obama official tries to criminalize Tea Party flag



In another brazenly illegal attack on dissent, Obama’s EEOC (which shouldn’t even exist under the Constitution) has revealed its lunatic ideological extremism in taking up a complaint arbitrarily and absurdly declaring that the Gadsden Flag (Tea Party flag) is a “historical indicator of white resentment against blacks stemming largely from the tea party.” Apparently, using the IRS to illegally sabotage the Tea Party in the middle of a major national election wasn’t enough. Now they must resort to blatantly making things up.

For the record, the Gadsden Flag is a Revolutionary War symbol of self-liberation against the British and has not one iota to do with anything racial. Again, the Achilles’ Heel of liberalism is the convergence of their refusal to comprehend human nature or learn from history. The left’s embarrassing war on facts and reality is on full display here.

Newsmax has the story.



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MSNBC insists the real problem is white people

Ultra-liberal race hysteric Melissa Harris-Perry recently brought NYU professor Cristina Beltran on to MSNBC to inform us all that the “real” threat to America isn’t Islamic terrorists, illegal immigration, national bankruptcy, or the tyrannical shredding of our Constitution…but something far more dangerous and extreme—white people.

Beltran cited “anti-immigrant riots,” “anti-black riots,” “lynch mobs,” and other things that haven’t happened in over half a century to show us all how real and urgent the threat is. Apparently, it is “a really scary, awful, alarming moment in our politics” when Americans object to being endlessly slaughtered by a bloodthirsty cult of Islamic savages on a 1400-year killing spree against all non-believers.

Or when we object to being invaded by millions of foreign criminals (future Democrat voters), and insist on enforcing the most lenient immigration laws on the planet. Or when we reject racist preferential treatment for minorities at everyone else’s expense, also known as “Affirmative Action.”

Obama’s top 10 most racist policies against white people

Again, liberalism is open war on all things white, male, Christian, and American. And objecting to their non-stop, in-your-face attacks on everything this country stands for now apparently proves that white people are all just standing by waiting to pull out their Klan outfits and relive the good old days.

This is why there can be no serious national dialogue on race in this country. Liberals are involved.

The media are run by ultra-partisan extremists and DNC activists who take all their cues from Media Matters. Higher re-education is run by power-tripping Marxist radicals at war with reality. And Hollywood spends nearly one hundred percent of its time vilifying anything that gets in the way of Democrat power.

The “debate” is always between easily-led automatons who have been bombarded with liberal propaganda for virtually their entire lives, and thinking adults with actual life experience, who live in the real world and can handle intellectual confrontation (conservatives).

Top 10 liberal fallacies and how to destroy them


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Obama backs racist preferential treatment for minority school children

Obama has decided to add the blatantly discriminatory treatment of school children to his bigoted resume of vindictive anti-white activism (which I have documented here and here). In a new executive order issued this week, Obama decreed that individual children shall no longer be disciplined in schools based solely on their actions. From now on, race is to be a determining factor.

From the Daily Caller:

His July 26 executive order established a government panel to promote ‘a positive school climate that does not rely on methods that result in disparate use of disciplinary tools.’

The executive order, hilariously titled, “White House Initiative On Educational Excellence,” literally attempts to argue that since blacks get in trouble more, school policies must therefore be racist, hence standards must be lowered only for minorities to produce a more “equal” outcome. In other words, everyone gets to break the rules except white people.

The order also notes that “African Americans lack equal access to highly effective teachers and principals, safe schools, and challenging college-preparatory classes.” But this only happens because Democrats fight to keep blacks trapped in failing, disastrous public schools (because the more public school teachers there are, the more forced campaign contributions Democrats can extort from teachers’ unions). Meanwhile, conservatives continue to support school choice, which blacks overwhelmingly want.

Additionally, the order ludicrously attempts to blame blacks having to “disproportionately experience school discipline” for the black community’s consistently drastic educational under-performance…as opposed to blaming it, perhaps, on the fact that far more blacks are raised by single mothers—thanks to the left’s deliberate, systematic destruction of the family (through feminism and welfare), particularly in the black community.

You start to see why the Founding Fathers wanted everything that wasn’t specifically spelled out in the Constitution as a federal power (like even being involved in education) to be handled at the state and local levels (see the 10th Amendment). Insanity of this magnitude generally doesn’t happen when all the power is localized into the hands of parents and communities.

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Top 10 signs Obama is a seething racist

10. He uses phrases like, “typical white person,” which would be a career-ending move for any white politician referring to to blacks.

9. Among his numerous written admissions to having racist views, he admits to wanting to emulate the actions of notorious racist leaders like Malcolm X.

8. In “Dreams of My Father,” Obama ranted about “the white man’s rules,” bitterly turned everything into a matter of race, and admitted to despising white people. He clarified that “any difference between good and bad whites held negligible meaning,” and admitted that he had to learn to smile at white people as a tactic to manipulate them.

7. Based admittedly on zero evidence, Obama rushed in to trash white police officers in Cambridge, MA for the non-controversy of arresting a flailing black ignoramus who would not explain why they caught him breaking into a house…after being called about a possible break-in.

6. He uses sleazy, dishonest racial smears to stir up anti-white hysteria and divide the country for personal gain.

5. He is on the record admitting that the most infamous mob of black racist criminals in the country—ACORN—would directly “shape the agenda” of his presidency.

4. He appointed a radical black nationalist and proud communist (Van Jones) to an extremely influential White House role personally advising him on policy.

3. He sat in the pews of a racist lunatic for 20 years…and then claimed not to have known what the person who baptized his children, performed his wedding, and personally guided his political career stood for.

2. He refused to prosecute Black Panthers for armed voter intimidation at the polls during the 2008 election that put him in office (DOJ attorneys resigned in protest). He also appeared with leaders of the hate group at a campaign event in 2007, in which he marched down the street with this proudly racist group as it endorsed him, in an open display of solidarity.

1. He forces through openly racist policies against white people at every turn.

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Obama’s top ten most racist policies against white people

Despite the widespread public rejection of Obama’s racist Affirmative Action policies, he continues imposing blatantly unfair and unequal policies on every corner of the system that openly discriminate against white people. And he is doing it without Congress, through arbitrary, lawless edicts from on high, and through the vindictive persecution of anyone who stands up for actual equality.

Let’s review (as noted by Investor’s Business Daily):

10) All FDIC-insured banks have now been ordered to develop hiring policies based heavily on race over qualification, and are being openly pushed to offer better lending terms for minorities “to address past discrimination.”

9) HUD is now forcing suburban communities to build more low-income housing and to run ads to attract more poverty-level blacks and Latinos into their neighborhoods.

8) The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is now threatening to prosecute lenders for not making enough bad loans to unqualified people and has launched investigations into every major credit reporting agency for “racial bias.”

7) New rules have now been imposed that subject housing lenders to lawsuits if “too many” of their black or Latino customers get rejected for bad credit or criminal backgrounds.

6) The lending industry has now been brow-beaten into opening up banks in terrible neighborhoods and putting aside hundreds of millions of dollars for handouts to future “victims of credit discrimination.”

5) Any bank that turns down any minority student or small business owner for a loan or charges them higher rates for having worse credit or criminal backgrounds is now being strong-armed into lowering their standards.

4) The Department of Education is now threatening schools with cuts in federal funding if they do not implement special disciplinary policies for black students that allow them to get away with more misconduct (seriously).

3) The EEOC and Labor Department have now warned employers and federal contractors to hire more minorities and not to hire people based on whether or not they are convicted felons, because this could discriminate against black people (seriously).

2) Common Core standards are now being drafted that ban ability grouping and fast-tracking for gifted students, because they disproportionately benefit white people, and high schools are being stopped from using exams that “too many” black students cannot pass.

1) The amnesty bill recently approved in the Senate exempts employers from huge health care costs for hiring illegal immigrants who have been rewarded for breaking into our country, while leaving those costs in place for law-abiding citizens, thereby creating a strong incentive to fire Americans and replace them with foreign criminals.

Never mind the fact that these are exactly the kind of PC, race-baiting Democrat policies that destroyed the economy in the first place and propelled leftist radicals into office…just so they could turn around and reinstate them, under the hilariously fraudulent guise of “rescuing” us from “the failed policies of the past.”

Bottom line: Obama will continue to fight imaginary racism with actual racism and Special Olympics standards for minorities until there is nothing left to steal from the rest of the country, and until white people are second-class citizens entrenched in just as much poverty, dependence, and failure as the paranoid bigots and professional victims applauding this insanity.

See also: Top ten signs Obama is a seething racist

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Bernie Sanders trashes U.S. as being founded on ‘racist principles’


Apparently incapable of grasping the fact that free markets, self-rule, and limited government have zero to do with skin color, socialist Bernie Sanders trashed the U.S. as a country founded on “racist principles” Monday.

He was responding to a question at Liberty University about how to end racism in America (something that was on the verge of extinction until our “post-racial” leftist ideologue-in-chief spent years frantically pouring gasoline on the fire, imposing racist attacks on white people, falsely trashing the police, and race-baiting minorities at every turn), when he ironically demonstrated exactly what the problem is—Democrats relentlessly detecting imaginary racism in every aspect of society and convincing minorities that they are entitled victims when they are not.

Incidentally, click here to see what life in socialist Europe is actually like (since that is precisely what Bernie Sanders seeks to turn us into). Also, be sure to check out the two videos below on our country’s actual racial history (top) and John Stossel’s timeless take-down of socialism (bottom).

Breitbart has the story.

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White House protects voter fraud by pushing absurd, race-baiting argument in court


The Obama Administration literally argued in court that “if 98 percent of whites have a voter ID but only 97.5 percent of blacks have one, then requiring voters to present ID violates federal law,” as explained by the Daily Signal. In other words, Democrats rely on voter fraud, so any argument, no matter how blatantly ridiculous, will be put forward to defend it.

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Top 10 most ridiculous liberal responses to the Charleston shooting

10) Think Progress responded by condemning South Carolina for not passing biased “hate crime legislation.”

9) The New Yorker responded by blaming the GOP, the Tea Party, and by likening anyone who disagrees with Obama to a mass-murdering racist lunatic. Literally.

8) Salon responded by blaming “Fox News and the right-wing media,” and by demanding that “white America must answer for” the attack. This bizarre, divisive objection to conservatives getting to express opinions in public was accompanied by demands to know why white people are “so violent,” what “white politicians [are going to] do about white crime,” calls for more aggressive attacks on gun rights, and the use of the term, “right-wing domestic terrorism” over and over, and over again.

7) Michael Moore responded by demanding that people tear down the Confederate flag (despite the widespread public rejection of that idea), and by hysterically condemning Charleston as the place “where the terrorist rebellion by racist traitors – also known as the Civil War – began in Charleston on April 12, 1861.” Never mind the fact that every other country in the Western Hemisphere abolished slavery peacefully…because their abolitionists didn’t use tyrannical, in-your-face assaults on state sovereignty and openly trample basic constitutional rights to force the immediate obliteration of the practice at gun point.

6) Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley responded by telling the world how “pissed” he is that the NRA resists Democrat attacks on our constitutional rights. Hilariously, the would-be leader of the Democratic party—which has been in bed with unions, trial lawyers, Planned Parenthood, and every corporation from Goldman Sachs to JP Morgan for years—added, “How many senseless acts of violence…will it take to get our nation to stop caving to special interests like the NRA when people are dying?”

5) Hillary Clinton, who hysterically demonizes Republicans as hating women, trying to stop blacks from voting, and taking everyone’s health insurance away, responded by blaming the “inflammatory” rhetoric of Republicans like Donald Trump, and by demanding further attacks on the 2nd Amendment.

4) CNN responded by airing a far left rant about gun control and redistribution of wealth from a South Carolina state senator without questioning or challenging it in any way, and by shaming the American people for failing to surrender their 2nd Amendment rights.

3) The New York Times responded by insisting that “right-wing extremists” pose a greater threat to America than radical Islam—the people who slaughtered thousands of Americans in the streets on 9/11, who stone women for being raped, who riot and murder people over cartoons, and who regularly now behead and burn Christians alive throughout the Middle East. Approximately one attack on an abortion clinic, federal building, or black church per decade makes “right-wing extremists” the greater threat.

2) South Carolina State Rep. Carl Anderson responded by blaming Fox News for allegedly speaking in some kind of racist code that only Democrats ever seem able to detect, which they can never provide examples of or explain. Never mind the fact that Dylann Roof would still be responsible for his own thoughts and actions, even if this latest fraudulent witch hunt against Fox News contained a shred of evidence or sanity.

1) The White House responded by falsely trashing America for its gun violence (which liberals constantly lie about) and by erroneously insisting that “this type of mass violence doesn’t happen in other advanced countries.” The administration complained that the shooter “had no trouble getting [his] hands on a gun.” Of course, since Dylann Roof acquired his weapon illegally, pointing this out merely highlights the futility of passing more gun laws for criminals to ignore.

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Study destroys the left’s fraudulent race war

The left’s tireless habit of stirring up bogus race hysteria throughout the educational system and using it to force through preferential treatment for black people at everyone else’s expense has been dragged into the spotlight and irrefutably debunked by a new study from the University of Cincinnati.

The study, published in the Journal of Criminal Justice, was conducted by criminologist John Paul Wright, and found that literally 100% of the difference between punishments for black and white school children resulted directly from blacks breaking more rules, causing more problems, and disrupting the classroom more than everyone else.

The 10-page report explains that black and white students were tracked from Kindergarten to eighth grade, starting in 1998 and ending in 2007, and its findings fly in the face of everything our divisive Black Panther-in-chief has argued to justify his endless war on school discipline, white people, and actual equality.

From the findings:

The association between prior problem behavior, suspensions and race is clear: Whites show the lowest levels of prior problem behavior and suspensions, and blacks show the highest levels of prior problem behavior and school suspensions. Prior problem behavior accounts for the racial gap in school suspensions.

But the left’s fanatical, witch-hunting race hysterics continue frantically insisting that racism must be the problem, and go on blindly repeating the absurd DNC talking point that “black students are disproportionately suspended and expelled” (as Eric Holder put it), as if that were indicative of anything other than wildly disproportionate black misbehavior.

Of course, nowhere in the bogus rhetoric of this race-obsessed liberal cult is any mention of the rampant fatherlessness, gang violence, or any of the other actual root causes of relentless black under-performance…none of which ever existed until the same Democratic party that fought for slavery, invented the Klan, and resisted Republican attempts to integrate the schools decided to start “rescuing” minorities (exploiting and re-enslaving them through dependence-creating handouts).

From Investor’s Business Daily:

Districts that reduce their suspension rates [let black children misbehave with impunity] have a better shot at qualifying for millions of dollars in federal Race to the Top funding. Those that do not could face investigation by both the Education and Justice departments for racial discrimination…

…Dozens of school districts across the country already have been sued, with many signing settlements or resolutions mandating changes in school disciplinary codes that mimic racial quotas.

The race-fixated bean counters in this administration risk doing serious harm. Some teachers already have complained of spikes in violence and overall classroom disorder under the ‘fairer’ discipline policies.

As I have noted before, this is a president who mentored under a racist lunatic for twenty years, marched down the street with the Black Panthers (and protected them from prosecution for armed voter intimidation at the polls on Election Day), and imposed blatantly racist discrimination against white people at every turn.

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