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School bans Santa Clause, Thanksgiving, Pledge of Allegiance

A school principal in New York has banned virtually everything Americans do to celebrate the holidays or to express any form of patriotism. Instead of Thanksgiving, students must now celebrate “harvest festival.” Instead of Christmas parties, they must now have “winter parties.”

No one is even allowed to say the word “Christmas,” to portray anything that could be interpreted as an angel, or to even use any portrayals of stars, which could be interpreted as referencing Judaism.

All of this absurd, speech-trampling political correctness is to protect the easily-offended while preventing the largely Latino and Asian student body from having acknowledge in any way that they are in another country with its own culture, customs, and traditions.

And of course, it is also to show us all how “enlightened” and “tolerant” the principal is…at everyone else’s expense. Again, as explained in the Liberal-to-English Dictionary, when liberals refer to things like “tolerance” and “diversity,” what they actually mean is the celebration of anything that is not white, male, Christian, or American.

Also, click here to see the “dress like a Muslim” day being conducted by terror-connected Islamic groups in Chicago.

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Trump addresses the political correctness that cost San Bernardino citizens their lives

Someone had to say it. Of course it would be Donald Trump. The left’s hysterical, speech-trampling witch-hunt against “racism” has consequences. The terrorists were seen gearing up but nobody would say anything.  See also the 100% preventable Fort Hood massacre, the Boston Marathon bombing (committed by ‘refugees’ who were thoroughly ‘vetted’), the first WTC attack, etc.

Top 10 signs Islam is not a ‘religion of peace’

San Bernardino terrorist was thoroughly ‘vetted’

NY Daily News hysterically smears NRA to protect Obama, Muslims

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