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Top 10 signs Democrat policies created ISIS

The left’s outrageously dishonest attempt to blame others for the Democrat policy disaster known as “ISIS” is such a brazen, in-your-face attack on the facts that it simply cannot go unanswered. Here are the top ten signs that this lunatic cult of Islamic savages currently raping, torturing, and mass-murdering its way across Syria and Iraq was created directly by Democrat policies:

10) Even anti-Iraq war partisans like NBC’s Richard Engel have openly laughed at the White House’s embarrassingly inept and delusional handling of ISIS from the beginning (like incompetently arming them by accident).

9) Even hilariously biased liberal “fact-checkers” like Politifact reject diversionary Democrat attempts to blame the creation of ISIS on George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

8) Even Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) disputed Obama’s naive and costly dismissal of ISIS as a “JV team” early on, and called his total non-response to the crisis “too cautious,” as it has allowed the group’s heinous atrocities to sweep across Syria and Iraq with impunity.

7) Even Palestinian terror-apologist Jimmy Carter blasted Obama for enabling ISIS to take over, saying, “We waited too long. We let the Islamic State build up its money, capability and strength, and weapons while it was still in Syria.”

6) Obama now openly lies about it even being his decision to leave Iraq…after campaigning for roughly a year straight on withdrawing the troops. He has also scrambled to blame the rise of ISIS on everything from George Bush (like the race card, it apparently never gets old), to his own subordinates…everything other than Obama carelessly hurrying us out of Iraq. Leftist professors and media outlets have even tried to blame “global warming.” And the State Department literally even tried to blame Muslim unemployment.

5) As with Obama’s disastrous appeasement of Russia, the “tragic” events Mitt Romney (and President Bush) predicted would happen did in fact end up happening exactly the way he said they would, despite Obama snidely mocking, ridiculing, and condescending to him the entire time on both Russia and Iraq.

4) Even Hillary Clinton is on the record directly attributing the rise of ISIS to Democrats refusing to aid the moderate rebels in Syria, which “left a big vacuum, which the jihadists have now filled.”

3) Even Obama’s former CIA Director and Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, identified the reckless abandonment of Iraq as the reason ISIS then emerged. According to Panetta, this senseless Democrat betrayal of yet another vital U.S. ally “created a vacuum in terms of the ability of that country to better protect itself, and it’s out of that vacuum that ISIS began to breed.”

2) All the experts warned Obama that precisely this kind of violence and chaos would ensue across Iraq if he hastily rushed the withdrawal of our troops to meet his arbitrary December 2011 deadline (putting his partisan election-year concerns before our allies, interests, and national defense). Some experts, like Retired Army Gen. John M. Keane, even warned that Obama’s plan would be an “absolute disaster” from the moment it was announced.

1) ISIS (formerly al Qaida in Iraq) was already defeated by President Bush’s “Surge” strategy (which Democrats trashed, undermined, and insisted would never work), before Obama rushed in and prematurely withdrew nearly all of our troops, needlessly abandoning the country to bloodthirsty Islamic radicals.

Obama himself even fully acknowledged before surrendering the region to infidel-slaughtering psychopaths that there were “risks of increased bloodshed in Iraq without a continuing US presence there.” But he then still went on to ludicrously insist that “those risks are even greater if we continue to occupy Iraq and serve as a magnet for…terrorist activity”–a charge that missed the entire point of taking the fight to the enemy and that has been proven thoroughly and utterly wrong at this point.

As with Obama’s embarrassing insistence that “The Surge” would never work, his rejection of the interrogation methods that located Osama bin Laden (which he then outrageously took credit for), and his bogus “red line in the sand”…virtually every single thing this Nobel Peace Prize winner has said or done about terrorism in the Middle East has turned out to be disastrously wrong. Not that any of this matters when most of the news media refuse to even mention his abrupt pullout from Iraq when discussing the resulting carnage (compare this with every attack under Bush being framed as happening ‘this many days since the”Mission Accomplished” speech’).

Obama protects the Muslim fundamentalists who stone women to death for being raped, start global riots over cartoons, and who danced in the streets on 9/11, by equating them to Christians during the Crusades, diverting our attention to the “real threat” of right-wing domestic threats (anyone to the right of Karl Marx), and by refusing to even say the words, “Islamic extremists.” He openly arms, funds, and releases Islamic terrorists at every turn, and pretends that this left-wing “grovel, appease, and surrender” foreign policy approach isn’t even worse than Bill Clinton’s  eight-year non-response to al Qaida (which made 9/11 possible).

The Bottom Line: As National Review masterfully spells out in excruciating, step-by-step detail, the facts overwhelmingly demonstrate that ISIS is the direct product of Democrat policies, and nothing else. The left’s absurd attempt to blame their relentlessly incompetent foreign policy failures on President Bush for daring to fight back against Islamic terror-sponsors years earlier is the equivalent of blaming FDR for the outcome of Vietnam. It is ridiculous on its face.

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San Bernardino terrorist was thoroughly ‘vetted’

It has now surfaced that one of the Islamic terrorists who recently mass-murdered Americans in San Bernardino, Tashfeen Malik, was “vetted” before being allowed to come to this country. She came to the U.S. on a visa issued by the same painstakingly vigilant federal agencies now insisting that Syrian “refugees” (terrorists) being imported by the thousands will also be properly “vetted.”

As Ben Carson recently put it, this “should end the conversation” about refugees.

This would be the same administration that is currently going out of its way to reward and legitimize as many illegal immigrants as possible for spitting on our laws and breaking into our country by the millions, in open defiance of its sworn duties under the Constitution…not to mention the rights and interests of the American people. It is the same administration that gave Iran everything it wanted as it pretended to stop going nuclear, created ISIS by ignoring all the experts and prematurely pulling everything out of Iraq, and told us ISIS was “contained” just before its latest international killing spree.

This administration officially has zero credibility on national defense at this point.


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Obama releases 9/11 terrorist

Obama just released the al Qaida operative trained to be the twentieth hijacker on 9/11. Ignoring the dire warnings of his advisers, Obama decided earlier this week to release the extremely dangerous, high-value terrorist who received advanced training at multiple al Qaida camps and served as Osama bin Laden’s personal body guard, Abdul Rahman Shalabi.

According to Investor’s Business Daily, the captured terrorist was ordered released to shut down the Guantanamo Bay detention facility by any means necessary, regardless of the consequences…

Read more here.

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Germany confirms many ‘refugees’ pretending to be Syrian


Europe’s fiscally insane nanny state policies and absurd political correctness have backfired spectacularly. Germany, Hungary, Austria, and others are now scrambling to secure their borders and placing military forces on alert as hundreds of thousands of Syrian “refugees” (terrorists) continue overwhelming their towns and cities.

Four out of five of these “refugees” are turning out to not even be Syrian. Germany is now confirming that these “refugees” are lying about being Syrian, as I recently noted in “Top 10 signs ‘welcoming refugees’ means importing terrorists.”

Breitbart has the story.


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Quick reminder for liberals on 9/11


For those who insist on trying to convince the “religion of peace” to like us: 9/11 happened before we went into Iraq, before we went into Afghanistan, before Guantanamo Bay, and before everything else liberals insist “turned the Islamic world against us.” And so did a decade of other unprovoked attacks before that (USS Cole, Embassy bombings, Saudi Arabia barracks bombing, etc.).

Newsflash: They already hated us. Our only actual offense was not being Muslim, as with everyone else they’ve launched non-stop wars against since their violent inception 1400 years ago.

Fighting back does create more terrorists, but so does doing nothing. The left’s “grovel, appease, and surrender” foreign policy approach caused 9/11, handed Iraq to al Qaida, handed Afghanistan back to the people who facilitated 9/11, produced the birth of ISIS, enabled Iran to go nuclear, and caused the Syrian refugee crisis.

Liberals are ridiculous half-witted ideologues and naive extremists who should not be allowed anywhere near positions of power. Stop worrying about creating more terrorists and just focus on stopping them. None of this should even need to be explained at this point.

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Democrats give Iran everything it wants as it pretends to stop going nuclear

Democrats just appeased Iran with everything they wanted in exchange for literally nothing but empty promises. Iran’s in-your-face terror-sponsoring regime–which constantly starts proxy wars, denies the holocaust, and chants “Death to America! Death to Israel!” in the streets–will now have $150 billion more with which to fund and arm jihadists, modernize its air force, develop weapons, arm itself to the teeth (by purchasing massive weapons stockpiles from Russia), and exert its influence across the Middle East.

This regime has already been repeatedly caught lying about its nuclear program during the negotiations, and is currently pouring asphalt over its nuclear sites to hide its most recent violations. And contrary to everything Democrats promised us about being able to conduct inspections anytime, anywhere, we now must give this lunatic Islamo-fascist regime (which was installed by Democrats under Carter) twenty-four days notice before we conduct any inspections.

Newsflash: History repeats.

Iran will break every single promise it made (just like North Korea did when Democrats gave them fuel, money, and nuclear technology to not go nuclear, and just like the Nazis did when their endless acts of aggression were appeased at every turn), and Democrats will continue doing nothing as it goes nuclear right under his nose, in broad daylight–which this deal even guarantees in writing by preventing the sanctions from being reintroduced without a complicated resolution process. And Israel will continue to be condemned as a warmonger anytime it even considers fighting back in any way.

Democrats didn’t even try to get the four Americans wrongly imprisoned by Iran released. We had all the advantages and folded with a royal flush. The U.S. got literally nothing out of this catastrophic surrender except a destabilizing regional arms race and inevitable war between Israel and Iran at some point, now possibly on a nuclear scale. This is what happens when liberals–the people who burn our flag, ban our Pledge, aid our enemies, betray our allies, and decimate our military–are allowed anywhere near positions of power. It happens every single time.

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Fact-Check: Bill Clinton’s policies were a total disaster

Since Bill Clinton has taken it upon himself to come out and inform us all that this astronomical deficit spending, rampant joblessness, endless upheaval in the Middle East and yet another credit downgrade under Democrats is them “taking us in the right direction,” perhaps a brief examination of what Clinton’s policies actually accomplished is in order.

Let’s review:

  • Bill Clinton had the good fortune to be in office when an economic explosion from the tech boom he had nothing to do with happened to take place.
  • He was also dragged kicking and screaming by Republicans into the welfare reforms he now takes credit for (which were eventually undone by Obamacare, contrary to everything we’re told) and left President Bush with a recession.
  • He shoved sweeping tax hikes down our throats, which kept the economy treading water rather than growing for four years straight, until Republicans took control of Congress and forced through massive tax cuts, which started unleashing rapid economic growth within a year.
  • He threatened to drag banks into court, have them fined, branded as racist and driven into ruin if they didn’t lower their lending standards and start giving out more bad loans to unqualified people…which eventually destroyed the housing market and collapsed the economy (as I have explained).
  • Even if you ignore the fact that nobody was making these ludicrous loans to people who had no means of paying them back until Democrats got involved and forced them to (while federally insuring their losses, guaranteeing maximum recklessness) and accept the left’s bogus talking point that it was Republican deregulation that somehow caused the problem…it was Bill Clinton who signed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (the legislation they try to blame) into law.
  • He also put Bin Laden on the map and convinced him that the American soldier is a “paper tiger” without the stomach for war by retreating from him in Somalia, and then responded to years of al Qaida attacks by repeatedly refusing to capture or kill Bin Laden, making it illegal for the CIA, FBI and police to communicate about terrorist threats, and imposing insane PC airport policies that allowed known terrorist threats aboard our planes on 9/11.

It’s just a thought, but perhaps we should be taking our advise from someone other than the guy who destroyed the economy and caused the most horrific terrorist attack in history.

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