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Media condemned ‘guilt-by-association’ against Obama, now use it to smear Trump

Noticing that Obama mentored under a racist lunatic for twenty years, openly befriended convicted terrorists, or marched with the New Black Panther Party in 2007 is just the dirty trick of “guilt-by-association,” to be indignantly condemned as a sleazy partisan tactic. But now that any random supporter can be used to smear Donald Trump (which is still nothing like Obama enthusiastically participating in the literal equivalent of a Klan rally),  the rules have suddenly changed.

Now, our post-journalism DNC “news media” are falling over each other to turn this total non-event into a scandalous controversy. Click here to see all of the media outlets participating in this inexcusably sleazy and dishonest smear campaign (along with their completely opposite treatment of Obama, when it was people he actually knew, mentored under, and befriended).


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NY Daily News hysterically smears NRA to protect Obama, Muslims


Notice how suddenly hysterical and unhinged the NY Daily News has become against the NRA? It is always biased, but not usually so openly poisonous and vitriolic.

What changed? They don’t respond this way to other massacres.

After Paris and now the worst Islamic attack on the U.S. since 9/11, they are concerned about voter attitudes toward Islam and Obama’s policies. So it’s suddenly raining psychotic venom against the NRA.


Example, notice how this rabid, ultra-partisan hit piece (above) trashes people as “cowards” for praying for the victims without further shredding the Constitution to disarm (illegally enslave) law-abiding Americans…with the same failed leftist policies that did NOTHING to stop the San Bernardino and Paris attacks?

It’s a distraction. If everyone is too busy eviscerating each other over the left’s outrageous attacks on gun rights to notice what an abject failure liberal policies are proving to be (and what heinous butchery continues at the hands of the ‘religion of peace’), it’s a win for liberals.

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Top 10 signs Islam is not a ‘religion of peace’

San Bernardino terrorist was thoroughly ‘vetted’

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CNN caught in biased smear campaign against Ben Carson

Imagine if CNN had been willing in 2008 to question the fact that Obama sat in the pews of a racist lunatic for twenty years, mentored under Marxist subversives, or befriended open terrorists (and was caught repeatedly lying about it). Instead, they responded to any mention of these scandalous outrages by either downplaying them or with indignant outrage and calls for “civility.”

This is the polar opposite of how they are now handling the actual vetting of Republican Ben Carson. Every single action from fifty years ago is suddenly a scandalous, newsworthy revelation, now that a black politician has wondered off the plantation and forgotten to march in lockstep with the left’s welfare check-wielding thought police.

And it isn’t just CNN. Even “scandals” that are 100% invented out of thin air and provably false are being hurled at Carson’s candidacy.

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Obama: GOP humiliating CNBC shows they ‘can’t handle’ media, Putin

Obama unveiled a bizarre new talking point on Monday. He now insists that Republican candidates utterly annihilating the credibility of CNBC‘s partisan debate moderators in front of the entire world at the recent presidential debate somehow indicates that they “can’t handle” the news media and shouldn’t be trusted to deal with Putin, as reported by Breitbart on Tuesday.

This is obviously illogical on its face—and hypocritical, coming from the most vindictively thin-skinned president ever to sit in the Oval Office. It also pretends that exposing and confronting the corrupt, biased agenda of the debate moderators (the event was run by former Clinton White House operative Brian Steel) somehow disqualifies the GOP from arguing that they would stand up to Putin…

Read more here.

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Media rush in to spin poll results against Tea Party

News media outlets across the country are once again falling over each other to frantically marginalize and discredit the overwhelmingly popular Tea Party movement by any means necessary. This time, they are using a flawed Gallup poll to misrepresent the left’s tireless six-year smear campaign against Tea Partiers as having finally succeeded in irreversibly poisoning the American people against the movement.

The poll results, breathlessly announced on virtually every major outlet as compelling new proof of record low public support for the Tea Party, shows that public support and opposition have decreased by seven points since September of last year. This is what happens when a relentlessly trashed but still popular movement isn’t in the headlines for a while. Passions decrease and neutral feelings increase. For approximately the billionth time, this total non-event in no way indicates the demise of the movement, contrary to the wishful thinking of our post-journalism DNC news media.

For the record, Tea Parties are more educated, mainstream, and have the enthusiastic support of the American people on the vast majority of issues…whether it be on taxesspending, health careguns, immigration, global warming, religion, or media bias.

Literally since the day the movement emerged in 2009, liberals have been using any and every excuse to demonize it, sabotage it, and pronounce it dead, while propping up actual extremists like Occupy Wall Street. Their obscenely biased and dishonest coverage has been well-documented since the very beginning and even openly acknowledged by Democrats.


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Huffington Post regurgitates Hamas propaganda to smear Israel

Our corrupt, biased news media are at it again. This time, it is the Huffington Post blatantly misrepresenting the facts to smear Israel as sending in hidden plain-clothes “gunmen” to mow down innocent Palestinians for throwing a couple rocks after Israelis went out of their way to provoke them. As usual, what we are being told is pretty much the polar opposite of what actually happened.

Also in embarrassing media bias news today, Yahoo! News has been caught repeating erroneous El Chapo rumors as fact.


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New York Daily News demands NRA be deemed ‘terrorist organization’

For the hate crime of defending the Constitution against the left’s tyrannical nanny state power grabs and open abuses of power, the New York Daily News is insisting that the State Department vindictively retaliate by condemning the NRA as a terrorist group. This must be what our “pro-tolerance,” “pro-diversity” moral superiors on the left mean when they condescendingly lecture us on “civility.”

Breitbart has the story.

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Top 10 most ridiculous liberal responses to the Charleston shooting

10) Think Progress responded by condemning South Carolina for not passing biased “hate crime legislation.”

9) The New Yorker responded by blaming the GOP, the Tea Party, and by likening anyone who disagrees with Obama to a mass-murdering racist lunatic. Literally.

8) Salon responded by blaming “Fox News and the right-wing media,” and by demanding that “white America must answer for” the attack. This bizarre, divisive objection to conservatives getting to express opinions in public was accompanied by demands to know why white people are “so violent,” what “white politicians [are going to] do about white crime,” calls for more aggressive attacks on gun rights, and the use of the term, “right-wing domestic terrorism” over and over, and over again.

7) Michael Moore responded by demanding that people tear down the Confederate flag (despite the widespread public rejection of that idea), and by hysterically condemning Charleston as the place “where the terrorist rebellion by racist traitors – also known as the Civil War – began in Charleston on April 12, 1861.” Never mind the fact that every other country in the Western Hemisphere abolished slavery peacefully…because their abolitionists didn’t use tyrannical, in-your-face assaults on state sovereignty and openly trample basic constitutional rights to force the immediate obliteration of the practice at gun point.

6) Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley responded by telling the world how “pissed” he is that the NRA resists Democrat attacks on our constitutional rights. Hilariously, the would-be leader of the Democratic party—which has been in bed with unions, trial lawyers, Planned Parenthood, and every corporation from Goldman Sachs to JP Morgan for years—added, “How many senseless acts of violence…will it take to get our nation to stop caving to special interests like the NRA when people are dying?”

5) Hillary Clinton, who hysterically demonizes Republicans as hating women, trying to stop blacks from voting, and taking everyone’s health insurance away, responded by blaming the “inflammatory” rhetoric of Republicans like Donald Trump, and by demanding further attacks on the 2nd Amendment.

4) CNN responded by airing a far left rant about gun control and redistribution of wealth from a South Carolina state senator without questioning or challenging it in any way, and by shaming the American people for failing to surrender their 2nd Amendment rights.

3) The New York Times responded by insisting that “right-wing extremists” pose a greater threat to America than radical Islam—the people who slaughtered thousands of Americans in the streets on 9/11, who stone women for being raped, who riot and murder people over cartoons, and who regularly now behead and burn Christians alive throughout the Middle East. Approximately one attack on an abortion clinic, federal building, or black church per decade makes “right-wing extremists” the greater threat.

2) South Carolina State Rep. Carl Anderson responded by blaming Fox News for allegedly speaking in some kind of racist code that only Democrats ever seem able to detect, which they can never provide examples of or explain. Never mind the fact that Dylann Roof would still be responsible for his own thoughts and actions, even if this latest fraudulent witch hunt against Fox News contained a shred of evidence or sanity.

1) The White House responded by falsely trashing America for its gun violence (which liberals constantly lie about) and by erroneously insisting that “this type of mass violence doesn’t happen in other advanced countries.” The administration complained that the shooter “had no trouble getting [his] hands on a gun.” Of course, since Dylann Roof acquired his weapon illegally, pointing this out merely highlights the futility of passing more gun laws for criminals to ignore.

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Top ten liberal lies about Iraq

Now that the news media are finally being forced to admit that Iraq was a success (at least, until Democrat rushed in and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory), here are the top ten falsehoods liberals have used to destroy public support for this war:

10. Iran and North Korea were the more urgent threats.

The lunatic regimes Democrats installed in Iran and appeased in North Korea had already acquired dangerous weapons and had not yet defied twelve years of U.N. Resolutions (which liberals insist wasn’t enough time for Saddam). What happened to trying diplomacy first?

Stopping Saddam from building more dangerous weapons was clearly far more urgent.

9. The Iraqis never wanted us there.

Contrary to everything liberals tell us, the Iraqis really did greet us as liberators. And long after we went into Iraq, the Iraqi people continued to support us and the invasion. It was only after Iran and Syria began sending foreign fighters across the borders to conduct vicious sectarian terrorism campaigns that public opinion started to change…at which point liberals immediately rushed in and began incessantly misrepresenting this manufactured violence as Iraqis rebelling against some un-welcome “occupation,” and deeming the entire war a hopeless and unwinnable “quagmire.”

Liberals also naturally rushed in to protect Iran and Syria as they openly instigated, armed and funded the attacks on our troops…while demanding more groveling, appeasement and surrender from the U.S., even though such terrorist regimes have openly admitted that meeting with them merely legitimizes their cause.

8. Bush had no plan (‘Mission Accomplished’).

Between telling us the war was lost, that the surge would never work and that Iraq was a “distraction” (apparently we should wait for eachindividual terror-sponsor to hit us separately before acting against any of them), Democrats constantly accused Bush of not having a plan. This was before they took office and adopted his plan entirely. That plan was simply to rebuild the country and leave when the Iraqis could take over.

This was made clear in the “Mission Accomplished” speech, along with the fact that the rebuilding process would be long and difficult. Liberals naturally responded by pretending the “Mission Accomplished” sign meant President Bush was prematurely claiming that the entire war was over, rather than just the initial invasion, thus inventing a bogus gaffe out of thin air.

7. The war has killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians.

Not even close. Liberals have repeatedly been caught wildly exaggerating Iraqi casualties, fabricating horror stories and falsely trashing our troops. Additionally, they have insisted since the beginning on talking only about the one tiny triangle of the country with all of the problems. This would be like judging California (which is the same size as Iraq) solely by the ghettos of L.A..

It completely ignores things like the lives saved by us killing terrorists (as well as how much better off the Shiites, Kurds, women and Israelis are).

6. We rushed in unilaterally.

After years of failed diplomacy, we went in with a coalition of forty different countries. France, Germany and Russia were too busy protecting their corrupt, behind-the-scenes dealings with Saddam (in blatant defiance of UN Resolutions) to lift a finger.

5. The war was illegal.

As Front Page Magazine has explained, the (endless) U.N. Resolutions authorized the war:

Saddam was an international outlaw. He had violated the 1991 Gulf War truce and all the arms control agreements it embodied, including UN resolutions 687 and 689, and the 15 subsequent UN resolutions designed to enforce them. The last of these, UN Security Council Resolution 1441, was itself a war ultimatum to Saddam giving him “one final opportunity” to disarm – or else. The ultimatum expired on December 7, 2002, and America went to war three months later.

4. We didn’t give diplomacy a chance.

Here is the 12-year time-line of exhaustive diplomatic efforts that preceded the war.

3. All we did was turn the Islamic world against us.

Newsflash: They already hated us. Iraq was invaded after 9/11, after eight years of unanswered al Qaida attacks and after decades of unprovoked attacks before that. It didn’t start with us finally deciding to fight back. In fact, it was only once we started drawing the enemy away from U.S. soil and onto a Middle Eastern battlefield (part of Bush’s stated objective) that we went seven years without a single domestic terrorist attack.

Fighting back does create more terrorists, but so does not fighting back, as Democrats demonstrated when they retreated from Islamic terrorists in Somalia. Bin Laden responded by calling the American soldier a “paper tiger” without the “stomach for war” and by using it to recruit more terrorists. We need to stop worrying about creating more terrorists and just focus on stopping them.

These are the people who poured into the streets by the thousands all around the world to dance and celebrate on 9/11 (a fact liberals unsuccessfully tried to dismiss). They attack us for the same reason that they attack everyone else–Islam is a savage cult that stones women to death for being raped, starts deadly global riots over cartoons and is obsessed with slaughtering infidels.

2. Saddam had no ties with terrorists.

According to the 9/11 Commission Report, Hussein made pacts with al Qaida (pg. 61), offered bin Laden safe haven (pg. 66) and offered to help al Qaida with chemical and biological weapons (pg. 128). He also sheltered al Qaida terrorists, openly sponsored suicide bombers and provided safe haven to notorious terrorist fugitive Abu Abbas.

Additionally, the news media copiously documented the connections until the moment Republicans wanted to remove Saddam.

1. There were no WMD.

Even after giving Saddam 9 months to hide his WMD in Syria while we publicly debated invading, we still found thousands of artillery shells filled with mustard and sarin gas (many with still-lethal purity levels as high as 84%). We also found nearly two tons of low-enriched Uranium, vials of live botulism, a seven-pound block of cyanide salt, and more.

Saddam Hussein had WMD, and repeatedly demonstrated his willingness to use them on civilian populations. And according to the FBI agent who questioned him, Saddam openly admitted that he was aggressively seeking to finish reconstituting his WMD program. This is consistent with other inconvenient truths, like the fact that he sent a delegation to Niger in 1999 to “expand commercial relations”…with a country that only exports Uranium (another fact liberals have humiliated and discredited themselves trying to lie about).

Tapes recovered after the fall of Baghdad even reveal Hussein discussing how to launch a terrorist attack on U.S. soil with WMD.

The bottom line: Liberals saw the same evidence as President Bush and drew the same conclusions as he did. After 9/11, genocidal terror-sponsors obsessed with WMD, who had already been through more than a decade of failed UN diplomacy, simply could no longer be tolerated. Contrary to everything we have been told, the invasion of Iraq was absolutely urgent and necessary…and Democrats emphatically agreed at the time.


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Top ten media ‘fact-checker’ lies

Here are the top ten most egregious examples of media “fact-checkers” like Politifact and FactCheck.org peddling blatantly erroneous DNC misinformation:

10) Smearing Mitt Romney as a liar for correctly noting that Democrats had not gone to Israel.

9) Lyingly insisting that Obamacare will guarantee coverage for more than 30 million uninsured (fixing a ‘problem’ that never existed in the first place), when even the CBO admits it will leave 30 million uninsured with zero coverage.

8) “Debunking” the claim, repeated recently by Paul Ryan, that Democrats have added more to the national debt in less than four years than every other president in U.S. history, by misrepresenting his argument as being that Democrats added more than every president in U.S. history combined, and then pretending to set the record straight.

For the record, Democrats did add more to the national debt in their first 19 months since taking over than every president from George Washington to Ronald Reagan combined.

7) “Debunking” Paul Ryan’s criticism of the left’s utterly failed “stimulus” program by citing the CBO’s ridiculously fraudulent “report” on how many jobs were “created or saved” and then misrepresenting only the absolute upper limit of the wildly-inflated estimate as the official number of jobs created.

6) Blasting a conservative advocacy group as dishonest for correctly claiming that Obamacare could cost up to $2 trillion, when even the CBO’s own estimates put the number at $1.76 trillion…just for the first few years.

5) Falling over each other to attack Paul Ryan as a liar for correctly pointing out that Democrats gutted Medicare by $716 billion…a fact even Democrats themselves are on the record openly admitting.

4) Hysterically excoriating Mitt Romney for correctly observing that Democrats stripped the work requirement from the wildly popular and successful welfare reform bill of 1996.

3) “Debunking” GOP arguments criticizing the left’s astronomical explosion of federal deficit spending…by hilariously insisting that Democrats have increased the deficit less than anyone in modern times. This flies in the face of all known data on the national deficit.

2) Vilifying Sarah Palin as this scandalous fear-mongering liar for correctly asserting that Obamacare would give the Federal Government the power to ration health care for seniors (i.e., ‘death panels’).

1) Indignantly condemning the accurate description of Obamacare by conservatives as a government takeover, smearing it as “simply not true,” “inaccurate,” and even “ridiculously false,” when all the evidence shows unmistakably that there is no other way to describe it.

Liberals have mastered this game of using fake or laughably biased “experts” and “fact-checkers” to silence whichever debate they can’t win on fair terms at the moment. They did it during the Obamacare debate. They do it routinely with global warming. And they also regularly conspire with journalists (see herehere, here, hereherehere, and here) to prop up their arguments with bogus propaganda that pretends to set the record straight.

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