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Liberals absurdly compare militant Syrian ‘refugees’ to WWII Jews fleeing the Holocaust

In the middle of the greatest Christian genocide since the days of the Apostles, liberals want us to know that importing thousands of fraudulent Syrian “refugees” (terrorists) while endlessly denying asylum to actual Christian victims is about “compassion.” They have even gone as far as to liken the Sharia-pushing Islamic fundamentalists they are putting in our back yards to Jews trying to escape the Holocaust and being turned away during WWII.

Of course, this backward Orwellian alternate reality they are creating blatantly ignores the fact that the only logical equivalent of WWII Jews in this situation is the Christians liberals refuse to help…while the Syrians they are demanding we accept are more like the Nazis.

Even partisan leftist propaganda mills are being forced to admit that this is completely delusional insanity. Meanwhile, our “post-partisan” president viciously smears those who object as being “scared of widows and orphans,” as even the UN confirms that the vast majority of these “refugees” are military-age males.

The Washington Times notes that 96 percent of the “refugees” Obama is accepting are Muslims, while only three percent are Christians. This openly biased display of bigotry against Christians (as well as all things white, male, and American) is far from isolated, and is in fact one of the defining features of modern liberalism.

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