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Jeb Bush fumbles on the Constitution to defend amnesty

Jeb Bush peddled inaccurate information about the Constitution on Thursday to defend amnesty for illegal immigrants. He erroneously insisted that what makes it so “unfeasible” to have police officers simply take illegal immigrants to deportation facilities upon discovering them is the fact that we must give each illegal immigrant due process.

This ignores the fact that the protections afforded to the American people under the Constitution don’t apply to foreign criminals who have broken into our country illegally as part of a sweeping invasion of our borders. All that is necessary is to identify them as legally or illegally here, and then respond accordingly. This process is extremely easy to streamline. This entire talking point is a dishonest diversion.

And speaking of “unfeasible,” it costs approximately 70 times more to give free taxpayer-funded health care, education, and welfare checks to tens of millions of illegal immigrants for life than it does to simply drive them to a deportation facility.

Try again, sleazy leftist RINO.

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