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Bill Clinton being paid millions by Sharia-pushing Islamists

Both the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton have separately taken millions of dollars from a group that promotes Sharia Law. People give money to politicians to purchase influence, so what are these people (who support stoning women to death for being raped, humiliating, enslaving and slaughtering non-believers, executing adulterers and homosexuals, etc.) expecting in return for all of this money?

IBD has the story.

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Trump addresses the political correctness that cost San Bernardino citizens their lives

Someone had to say it. Of course it would be Donald Trump. The left’s hysterical, speech-trampling witch-hunt against “racism” has consequences. The terrorists were seen gearing up but nobody would say anything.  See also the 100% preventable Fort Hood massacre, the Boston Marathon bombing (committed by ‘refugees’ who were thoroughly ‘vetted’), the first WTC attack, etc.

Top 10 signs Islam is not a ‘religion of peace’

San Bernardino terrorist was thoroughly ‘vetted’

NY Daily News hysterically smears NRA to protect Obama, Muslims

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NY Daily News hysterically smears NRA to protect Obama, Muslims


Notice how suddenly hysterical and unhinged the NY Daily News has become against the NRA? It is always biased, but not usually so openly poisonous and vitriolic.

What changed? They don’t respond this way to other massacres.

After Paris and now the worst Islamic attack on the U.S. since 9/11, they are concerned about voter attitudes toward Islam and Obama’s policies. So it’s suddenly raining psychotic venom against the NRA.


Example, notice how this rabid, ultra-partisan hit piece (above) trashes people as “cowards” for praying for the victims without further shredding the Constitution to disarm (illegally enslave) law-abiding Americans…with the same failed leftist policies that did NOTHING to stop the San Bernardino and Paris attacks?

It’s a distraction. If everyone is too busy eviscerating each other over the left’s outrageous attacks on gun rights to notice what an abject failure liberal policies are proving to be (and what heinous butchery continues at the hands of the ‘religion of peace’), it’s a win for liberals.

See also:

Top 10 signs Islam is not a ‘religion of peace’

San Bernardino terrorist was thoroughly ‘vetted’

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Video: Obama gives outrageous special treatment to Muslims while discriminating against Christians

Obama has used millions of taxpayer dollars to sue a company into giving $240,000 to two Muslims for requiring them to do their jobs and deliver alcohol in violation of their religious beliefs. Mahad Abass Mohamed and Abdkiarim Hassan Bulshale sought out the positions fully aware of their requirements, but are somehow now entitled to rob their employer blind for expecting them to do what they were hired to do.

This lunacy is coming from the same astonishingly hypocritical Democrats who saw nothing wrong with Christian bakers being prosecuted and bankrupted for not participating in homosexual weddings, or with Kim Davis being imprisoned for not complying with the Supreme Court’s blatantly illegal edict forcing Christians to endorse homosexuality or become second-class citizens.

Top 10 liberal lies about Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis

Christianity continues to be openly criminalized at every turn as Islam is given obscenely unjust preferential treatment at everyone else’s expense. This blatantly tyrannical abuse of power to tear down Christians while propping up Islam is an inexcusably bigoted and corrupt betrayal of the American people.

Top 25 signs Obama is a Muslim

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Corrupt Clinton judge silences criticism of Islam while allowing Muslim propaganda

A Clinton-appointed federal judge with a record of sleazy, biased activism for Islam at everyone else’s expense, Colleen McMahon, has issued yet another blatantly unconstitutional ruling silencing everything but pro-Islam opinions.

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Quick reminder for liberals on 9/11


For those who insist on trying to convince the “religion of peace” to like us: 9/11 happened before we went into Iraq, before we went into Afghanistan, before Guantanamo Bay, and before everything else liberals insist “turned the Islamic world against us.” And so did a decade of other unprovoked attacks before that (USS Cole, Embassy bombings, Saudi Arabia barracks bombing, etc.).

Newsflash: They already hated us. Our only actual offense was not being Muslim, as with everyone else they’ve launched non-stop wars against since their violent inception 1400 years ago.

Fighting back does create more terrorists, but so does doing nothing. The left’s “grovel, appease, and surrender” foreign policy approach caused 9/11, handed Iraq to al Qaida, handed Afghanistan back to the people who facilitated 9/11, produced the birth of ISIS, enabled Iran to go nuclear, and caused the Syrian refugee crisis.

Liberals are ridiculous half-witted ideologues and naive extremists who should not be allowed anywhere near positions of power. Stop worrying about creating more terrorists and just focus on stopping them. None of this should even need to be explained at this point.

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