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Trump addresses the political correctness that cost San Bernardino citizens their lives

Someone had to say it. Of course it would be Donald Trump. The left’s hysterical, speech-trampling witch-hunt against “racism” has consequences. The terrorists were seen gearing up but nobody would say anything.  See also the 100% preventable Fort Hood massacre, the Boston Marathon bombing (committed by ‘refugees’ who were thoroughly ‘vetted’), the first WTC attack, etc.

Top 10 signs Islam is not a ‘religion of peace’

San Bernardino terrorist was thoroughly ‘vetted’

NY Daily News hysterically smears NRA to protect Obama, Muslims

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NY Daily News hysterically smears NRA to protect Obama, Muslims


Notice how suddenly hysterical and unhinged the NY Daily News has become against the NRA? It is always biased, but not usually so openly poisonous and vitriolic.

What changed? They don’t respond this way to other massacres.

After Paris and now the worst Islamic attack on the U.S. since 9/11, they are concerned about voter attitudes toward Islam and Obama’s policies. So it’s suddenly raining psychotic venom against the NRA.


Example, notice how this rabid, ultra-partisan hit piece (above) trashes people as “cowards” for praying for the victims without further shredding the Constitution to disarm (illegally enslave) law-abiding Americans…with the same failed leftist policies that did NOTHING to stop the San Bernardino and Paris attacks?

It’s a distraction. If everyone is too busy eviscerating each other over the left’s outrageous attacks on gun rights to notice what an abject failure liberal policies are proving to be (and what heinous butchery continues at the hands of the ‘religion of peace’), it’s a win for liberals.

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Top 10 signs Islam is not a ‘religion of peace’

San Bernardino terrorist was thoroughly ‘vetted’

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Colorado has multiple major shootings after expanding gun control

Imagine that. Colorado responded to shootings by further attacking the gun rights of everyone but criminals, and things are only getting worse. Newsflash: Gun control doesn’t work. Disarming only law-abiding citizens merely guarantees more vulnerable victims for criminals…and illegally enslaves free citizens to the whims of tyrants.

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Chicago Archbishop repeats leftist gun control lies about the Founding Fathers

Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich recently repeated the left’s erroneous talking point that our God-given right to self-rule as an armed, free people enshrined in the Second Amendment was not intended for modern times. This is the logical fallacy of arguing that something is old, and therefore invalid.

Top 10 liberal fallacies and how to destroy them

It is also the signature spin of a tyranny-apologist. Leftists denounce the chaos and upheaval of liberty (freedom always seems like anarchy to control freaks), preferring instead the quiet calm of tyranny, and insist that safeguarding our rights and liberties is no longer necessary. But those who would surrender their liberty for security will lose both and deserve neither, as Benjamin Franklin put it.

Top 10 liberal lies about the Constitution

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance, and our lazy, persistent refusal to pay that price for many decades now has already cost us nearly every single right the Founders drafted the Constitution to protect. They knew tyranny was inevitable, and sought to arm us with every possible means of slowing it to a crawl.

What the Founding Fathers knew about people

Additionally, Christianity was actively involved in and directly responsible for the American Revolution, as alluded to by Benjamin Franklin’s original proposal for our National Seal, which was an image of Moses parting the Red Sea, with the inscription “Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.”

It is worth noting that this country was settled by deeply religious Christians desperate to get away from the tyrannical abuses of the Catholic church, only to now turn around and have Pope Judas and his liberty-killing cohorts in our faces at every turn, on our own soil, relentlessly undermining everything the Founders put in place.

The stated purpose of the Second Amendment remains urgently relevant to modern times:

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Julianne Moore: How dare you call disarming people ‘gun control?’

Constitutional policy expert Julianne Moore is baffled at how anyone could possibly see the government taking over and controlling who can and cannot have 2nd Amendment rights as “gun control.” This must be like the left’s tactic of acting mystified as to how anyone could see the forced redistribution of wealth in Constitution-shredding policies like Obamacare as “socialism.”

Alinsky 101: Indignantly deny that you are implementing socialism the entire time you are forcing it through, until the moment it can no longer be denied that you have imposed a fully socialist state.

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New York Daily News demands NRA be deemed ‘terrorist organization’

For the hate crime of defending the Constitution against the left’s tyrannical nanny state power grabs and open abuses of power, the New York Daily News is insisting that the State Department vindictively retaliate by condemning the NRA as a terrorist group. This must be what our “pro-tolerance,” “pro-diversity” moral superiors on the left mean when they condescendingly lecture us on “civility.”

Breitbart has the story.

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MSNBC stumped, can’t name a policy that would have prevented attack

Charles Cooke of the National Review completely stumped the entire panel of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” simply by demanding that they name a single gun control policy that would have prevented the Umpqua Community College shooting.

Daily Caller has the story.

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