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Transgenderism: Catering to the lunatic fringe by celebrating mental illness

Asinine lunacy. When someone tells you they are anorexic, do you help them lose weight? Of course not. Embracing THIS mental illness is no different.

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Christian day care workers fired for not affirming child’s delusional gender confusion

For the hate crime of correctly identifying the gender of a child, two Christian day care workers have now lost their jobs. Failing to properly celebrate and endorse perversion and mental illness is apparently now yet further grounds for treating Christians as second-class citizens, in what used to be a free country.

The Supreme Court’s blatantly illegal edict arbitrarily criminalizing Christianity has already led to a slew of American citizens like Kim Davis being falsely persecuted, bankrupted, and destroyed by psychotically intolerant homosexuals bent on forcing others to endorse their lifestyle at gunpoint.


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