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Politifact tells another blatant lie to trash Republicans

The dishonest propagandists at Politifact have been caught in yet another brazen assault on the facts. As reported on Tuesday by Breitbart, Politifact recently rated another provably correct Republican statement as “mostly false” based solely on their own deliberate misinterpretation of his argument.

Chris Christie recently slammed Obama’s disastrously irresponsible surrender of the Syrian crisis to the whims of Russia. He stated: “I’ll tell you what reckless is. What’s reckless is is calling Assad a reformer. What’s reckless is allowing Russia to come into Crimea and Ukraine. What reckless is is inviting Russia into Syria to team with Iran.”

The openly biased “fact-checkers” at Politifact responded by intentionally misrepresenting his argument as being that Obama invited Russia to launch airstrikes in Syria, thus allowing them to rush in to “set the record straight” by erroneously smearing another Obama opponent as a liar for telling the truth. But this clearly defies the facts, as the record plainly shows.

Christie even went out of his way to emphasize that he was referring to Obama inviting Putin “to broker an agreement with Assad to give up his chemical weapons,” as he put it to CNN’s Jake Tapper. This White House attempt at damage control after Obama’s self-discrediting humiliation in the “thin red line” debacle was then used by Putin to outmaneuver, override, and marginalize our embarrassingly amateur president from that moment forward.

It was abundantly clear that this is what Christie was arguing from the beginning. Politifact simply chose to twist his words and portray him as a liar, rather than doing anything even vaguely resembling an actual fact-check.

Breitbart added:

PolitiFact knows what Christie meant last week. We know this because the left-wing frauds even quote Christie’s answer to Jake Tapper. But they bury it at the bottom of 20 paragraphs and dismiss it without comment.

Nonetheless, ever in the service of Barack Obama, even though they know the truth, PolitiFact declares Christie a liar.

Again, these partisan media “fact-checkers” have made a total laughing stock out of journalism at this point. They blindly accept liberal opinions, assumptions, and attitudes as hard fact while vindictively attacking anyone who questions them as a liar, with zero regard for facts, evidence, or truth.

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Liberal Republicans always lose the presidency

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell recently attempted to excuse the GOP’s latest betrayal of voters by insisting that we need candidates “who can win.” According to history, this means we need to urgently and immediately get rid of unprincipled leftist RINOs like himself and vote for liberty-minded conservatives.
Let’s review the record:
-Reagan was a bold, unapologetic conservative on almost every issue. This right-of-center country enthusiastically united behind him and Jimmy Carter was overwhelmingly defeated in 1980…and Mondale was utterly annihilated in 1984.
-Bush Sr. ran as a solid conservative and destroyed Dukakis. Then he became liberal, violated his “no new taxes” pledge, and the country turned against him, electing Southern “moderate” Bill Clinton instead.
-Dole compromised with Democrats and voted like a leftist on numerous issues…and was crushed by Bill Clinton in 1996.
-George W Bush ran as a “compassionate conservative” and barely beat one of the worst candidates the left has ever nominated for the presidency—Al Gore. He proved to be conservative on some core issues, and liberal others…and defeated John Kerry by a narrow margin.
-John McCain was a total leftist sellout on nearly every issue and lost to Obama.
-Mitt Romney was a slightly less left-wing RINO than McCain, and lost to Obama as well.
Starting to see a pattern yet?

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Trump’s Tea Party spokeswoman destroys liberals

If you haven’t witnessed Donald Trump’s devastating Coulter-esque brawler of a spokeswoman in action, here is your chance. Her name is Katrina Pierson. She is brilliant, from the Tea Party movement, and she absolutely obliterates bogus liberal arguments everywhere she goes.

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Liberal Republicans suddenly unwilling to compromise for party unity

The same condescending leftist Republicans who wanted Donald Trump to sign a loyalty pledge and who have spent decades lecturing conservatives on the virtues of abandoning their principles to elect GOP candidates are now utterly failing to practice what they preach. As Donald Trump continues to thrive and dominate the primary race (contrary to everything these elitist Washington snobs insisted would happen), they are now  rabidly falling over each other to vindictively trash, smear, and vilify him at all cost.

Worst among them is Lindsey Graham, who recently told the media that Trump is “a complete idiot” and that he would “beat his brains out” in a one-on-one race (Graham’s poll numbers are so low that he keeps getting excluded from the debates). Now that Trump is proposing a temporary ban on new Muslim “refugees,” Graham hysterically condemns him as some kind of racist lunatic and publicly tells him to “go to Hell.”

Republican candidates favored by the left (and hence, by single-digit percentages of regular Americans), like Jeb Bush, are now indignantly blasting Trump as “unhinged,” or as amnesty champion Marco Rubio recently put it, “offensive and outlandish.” John Kasich accused him of “outrageous divisiveness.”  Chris Christie cited it as proof that Trump has “no experience.”

Meanwhile, Ben Carson’s take was that all foreign visitors should “register and be monitored” while they are here, as is standard practice around the world. Ted Cruz’s response was characteristically the best:

Well, that is not my policy. I’ve introduced legislation in the Senate that would put in place a three-year moratorium on refugees coming from countries where ISIS or al Qaeda control a substantial amount of territory.

Nothing better demonstrates the astronomically vast divide between the Washington elites and the American people than the issue of militant Islam. Liberals have already predetermined that no religion can ever be identified as the problem (except for Christianity, which is always the problem, any time it is ever involved in anything), no matter how many centuries of unprovoked carnage endlessly demonstrate the contrary.

Those bent on groveling at the feet of the “religion of peace” to show us all how “enlightened” and “tolerant” they are have already gotten far too many Americans killed in the name of political correctness.  The time has come to stop the madness.

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Lindsey Graham trashes conservatives for demanding principled leaders

The king of liberal RINOs is scare-mongering  Republicans against electing a House Speaker who actually represents mainstream, thinking adults (conservatives). Despite the time-proven Reagan-Bush Sr. approach of fighting back and winning by landslides (and the fact that Republicans were swept into power after shutting down the government to resist Obama’s agenda), spineless, unprincipled RINOs like Graham continue to insist that failing to adequately grovel to elitist liberal snobs on every issue “will walk us off a cliff.”

Bipartisan: Republicans giving Democrats everything they want (The Liberal-to-English Dictionary).

If Republicans abandon fiscal sanity, limited government, and the rule of law just get elected, then they have already lost. And if sniveling liberal cowards like Graham could just stop hyperventilating for a second long enough to realize that this electorate is right-of-center, and that liberal ideas can never compete on a level playing field, they might just be able to muster up the integrity to base their actions on the rights and interests of the American people for once.

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Liberal Hollywood extremists endorse Bernie Sanders


Just in case there was any remaining doubt that flaming left-wing extremist Bernie Sanders and his time-disproven Marxist insanity is the worst thing this already-bankrupt, once-free country could possibly do to itself right now…we have every policy expert from Will Ferrell to Sarah Silverman, and every economist from Cornel West to the Red Hot Chili Peppers pouring out of the woodwork to endorse him.

The entire list.

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Hillary continues to campaign on her genitalia


Hillary Clinton was recently scrutinized by ABC’s “Extra” with relentless investigative questions like, “If you become the first female president of the United States, what does that mean for Charlotte and my [interview Mario Lopez’s] daughter Gia?”

Her response to such unquestioning softballs was to blather incoherently about how her presidency would destroy “barriers to imagination, aspiration” (women can’t imagine or aspire to to things without a female president?) and regurgitating dead horse-cliches about “break[ing] that glass ceiling for girls.”

Breitbart has the story.

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Top ten signs something is wrong with the 2012 election results

It is one week later and the overwhelming evidence of rampant Democrat voter fraud, corruption and theft throughout Election 2012 continues to pour in like an avalanche. Here are the top ten signs the official vote tallies have been seriously compromised:

10) In a brief “follow-the-paper trail” experiment by a local news team in Florida, at least 94 non-citizens were immediately and effortlessly caught illegally voting.

9) Democrats lost every single state that requires voter ID.

8) Numerous reports of Romney voters being turned away at the polls due to someone already having voted with their name, and of Democrats publicly bragging about voting multiple times and about criminally sabotaging electronic GOP get-out-the-vote systems…and an overwhelming number of poll watchers reporting widespread fraud.

7) Philadelphia polling stations where Republican inspectors were kicked out (like the one with the giant tyrant-worshiping mural to Democrats on the wall and Black Panthers posted out front) had ridiculous Third World dictatorship-type results: 90% voter turnout, 99% of which went for the president.

6) At least 70,000 voters, almost entirely in swing states, reported significant problems casting their ballot correctly (imagine how many didn’tfile a complaint) and voting machines in Pennsylvania were found consistently switching Romney votes.

5) In addition to the IRS deliberately suppressing Tea Party support, at least 52 Democrats were caught committing voter fraud, and one poll worker in New York was even caught telling people they had to vote for Democrats.

4) In Ohio, where at least hundreds of fraudulent voter registration cards have already been identified and one out of every five voters turnedout to be bogus, Democrats were caught shipping in bus loads of Somalian voters who couldn’t speak English and “helping” them vote.

3) In scores of precincts all across Pennsylvania and Ohio, Mitt Romney got literally zero votes–a virtual statistical impossibility for a major party candidate in any precinct, let alone over sixty of them.

2) Ten counties in Colorado went from around 50-60% voter turnout in 2008 (about average) to 104-140% in 2012.

1) The numbers just don’t add up. Extensive surveys from mainstream, reputable organizations like Gallup, Pew and Rasmussen all demonstrated a huge party identification advantage for Republicans, and the only polls that suggested a Democrat win (the only ones the news media would talk about) were ones that wildly over-sampled registered Democrats.

In a disastrous economy, Romney had a nearly 40-point advantage over Democrats on the two biggest issues to voters (the economy and the budget), and all the most reliable predictors pointed to a Romney win…but instead, just over one week later, Romney barely lost the popular vote. Over 5 million Republican voters (who turned out for completely uninspiring leftist RINO John McCain in 2008) either didn’t show up or didn’t get their vote counted.

The numbers irrefutably indicate that this election was stolen.

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