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Hillary insists she didn’t lie about Benghazi, emails prove she knowingly did

Hillary Clinton is insisting that she didn’t lie when she falsely told Benghazi families that the attack was the result of Americans having the right to disagree with Islam in public…while she simultaneously told those in her private circle that it was planned terrorist attack.

The record is unmistakable. She blatantly and deliberately lied. And now she is lying about having lied. Welcome to dealing with the Clintons.



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Benghazi emails prove Hillary knowingly lied

The Benghazi committee has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hillary Clinton intentionally lied about the attack from the beginning. As reported by Investors’ Business Daily on Friday, Rep. Jim Jordan revealed emails from Hillary in the aftermath of the debacle which openly acknowledged that it was a planned terrorist attack, while blatantly lying to the American people to politicize the crisis and falsely blame American dissent against Islam…

Hillary Clinton has been caught repeatedly lying about Benghazi at every turn.

Also, another part of this story relentlessly lied about by Media Matters, and thus repeated by nearly the entire news media, is the provably false notion that early reports from analysts indicated the video was in any way involved.


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