Supreme Court gay marriage ruling already criminalizing Christianity

Americans are now being intimidated, sued, and fined for disagreeing with homosexual marriage. There is already a lengthy record of Christians being bullied, harassed, and turned into second-class citizens for not participating in homosexual weddings, or for expressing dissent in any way. But the Supreme Court’s recent (Constitution-shredding) invention of a federal right to homosexual marriage is now legitimizing this war on free religious exercise.

Richard and Betty Odgaard of Iowa recently had to close down their company after two homosexuals came in and demanded that the Mennonite couple violate their religious faith to perform a wedding for them. They were sued for thousands of dollars and forced to abandon their successful business…all for the hate crime of daring to be Christian in public.

Despite the widespread public rejection of such fascist tyranny and persecution (which is only being done to Christians), this is far from an isolated incident. Cynthia and Robert Gifford of New York were fined $13,000 for not facilitating and participating in a homosexual wedding. Donald and Evelyn Knapp of Idaho even face potential jail time for the same offense, along with being sued and fined into bankruptcy.

And as Christian bakers are being forced to bake homosexual wedding cakes against their will and to attend “sensitivity training” for disagreeing, we are being condescendingly lectured by our moral superior in the White House about how Christians need to change their views. The news media, which have spent the last few decades helping Hollywood relentlessly normalize and mainstream homosexuality, are also naturally rushing in to propagandize for further attacks on Christians.

The New York Times is already demanding that we vindictively retaliate against churches for opposing homosexual marriage by using the IRS to target and strip them of their tax exemptions. CNN is already insisting that disagreeing with homosexuality in public is a criminal offense. And other media outlets are already openly censoring all opposition to homosexual marriage.

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