Study destroys the left’s fraudulent race war

The left’s tireless habit of stirring up bogus race hysteria throughout the educational system and using it to force through preferential treatment for black people at everyone else’s expense has been dragged into the spotlight and irrefutably debunked by a new study from the University of Cincinnati.

The study, published in the Journal of Criminal Justice, was conducted by criminologist John Paul Wright, and found that literally 100% of the difference between punishments for black and white school children resulted directly from blacks breaking more rules, causing more problems, and disrupting the classroom more than everyone else.

The 10-page report explains that black and white students were tracked from Kindergarten to eighth grade, starting in 1998 and ending in 2007, and its findings fly in the face of everything our divisive Black Panther-in-chief has argued to justify his endless war on school discipline, white people, and actual equality.

From the findings:

The association between prior problem behavior, suspensions and race is clear: Whites show the lowest levels of prior problem behavior and suspensions, and blacks show the highest levels of prior problem behavior and school suspensions. Prior problem behavior accounts for the racial gap in school suspensions.

But the left’s fanatical, witch-hunting race hysterics continue frantically insisting that racism must be the problem, and go on blindly repeating the absurd DNC talking point that “black students are disproportionately suspended and expelled” (as Eric Holder put it), as if that were indicative of anything other than wildly disproportionate black misbehavior.

Of course, nowhere in the bogus rhetoric of this race-obsessed liberal cult is any mention of the rampant fatherlessness, gang violence, or any of the other actual root causes of relentless black under-performance…none of which ever existed until the same Democratic party that fought for slavery, invented the Klan, and resisted Republican attempts to integrate the schools decided to start “rescuing” minorities (exploiting and re-enslaving them through dependence-creating handouts).

From Investor’s Business Daily:

Districts that reduce their suspension rates [let black children misbehave with impunity] have a better shot at qualifying for millions of dollars in federal Race to the Top funding. Those that do not could face investigation by both the Education and Justice departments for racial discrimination…

…Dozens of school districts across the country already have been sued, with many signing settlements or resolutions mandating changes in school disciplinary codes that mimic racial quotas.

The race-fixated bean counters in this administration risk doing serious harm. Some teachers already have complained of spikes in violence and overall classroom disorder under the ‘fairer’ discipline policies.

As I have noted before, this is a president who mentored under a racist lunatic for twenty years, marched down the street with the Black Panthers (and protected them from prosecution for armed voter intimidation at the polls on Election Day), and imposed blatantly racist discrimination against white people at every turn.

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