Quick reminder for liberals on 9/11


For those who insist on trying to convince the “religion of peace” to like us: 9/11 happened before we went into Iraq, before we went into Afghanistan, before Guantanamo Bay, and before everything else liberals insist “turned the Islamic world against us.” And so did a decade of other unprovoked attacks before that (USS Cole, Embassy bombings, Saudi Arabia barracks bombing, etc.).

Newsflash: They already hated us. Our only actual offense was not being Muslim, as with everyone else they’ve launched non-stop wars against since their violent inception 1400 years ago.

Fighting back does create more terrorists, but so does doing nothing. The left’s “grovel, appease, and surrender” foreign policy approach caused 9/11, handed Iraq to al Qaida, handed Afghanistan back to the people who facilitated 9/11, produced the birth of ISIS, enabled Iran to go nuclear, and caused the Syrian refugee crisis.

Liberals are ridiculous half-witted ideologues and naive extremists who should not be allowed anywhere near positions of power. Stop worrying about creating more terrorists and just focus on stopping them. None of this should even need to be explained at this point.

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