Politifact caught in another blatant lie

The partisan liberal ‘fact-checkers’ at Politifact were recently caught misinforming the public about a true statement of fact by Ted Cruz. As reported by The Blaze on Tuesday, it started with Cruz defending conservatives from a fraudulent media narrative of a supposed nationwide epidemic of angry white men gunning people down without provocation.

Cruz responded by pointing out that “the overwhelming majority of violent criminals are Democrats.” He cited a recent study that demonstrates this fact beyond question. Even the Washington Post admitted, “We do find that the majority of ex-felons in New Mexico, New York, and North Carolina register with the Democratic Party.”

But Politifact decided that, since the study only focused on New York, North Carolina, and New Mexico, it couldn’t possibly be legitimate. Suddenly, all fifty states must be sampled, and all at exhaustive levels, in order for any study to be valid. This is a textbook example of a partisan liberal media outlet moving the goal posts to falsely portray conservatives as liars and shield Democrats from actual debate.

Politifact also irrelevantly split hairs over whether or not the study measured both violent and non-violent criminals, or just criminals in general. Of course, Politifact produced nothing indicating that this meaningless, diversionary distinction would have any bearing on party affiliation whatsoever (and there is no evidence to suggest it would). It was merely added to create the appearance of inaccuracies where there were none.

Politifact also took issue with the study having measured ex-felons, rather than ex-felons and current inmates. Again, there is absolutely zero evidence to suggest that this would ever make any difference in the party affiliation of the people in question, but the painstakingly objective truth-seekers at Politifact insist on citing it as evidence that Cruz’s statement is “mostly false.”

Finally, Politifact removed all doubt about its obscenely agenda-driven bias by insisting that most criminals are only Democrats because they are black, and by peddling the left-wing fallacy that blacks (Democrat voters) must make up more of the prison population because of racism in the criminal justice system.

But correlation is not causation. Just because blacks dominate violent crime statistics in no way indicates that they are arrested and prosecuted because they are black (contrary to the left’s non-stop fraudulent race-baiting). And it certainly doesn’t indicate that blacks somehow don’t count as legitimate Democrat voters.

Based on these frivolously invented non-issues, Politifact ruled that Cruz’s provably true statement was “mostly false.” This is not the first time Politifact has been caught blatantly lying to undermine Ted Cruz and other conservatives.

This is also the same media “fact-checker” that gave Trump’s provably correct claim that Muslims in New Jersey celebrated on 9/11 a “Pants on Fire” rating because he exaggerated or incorrectly remembered the number of participants. Needless to say, their treatment of Democrats is nothing like this.

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