New York Daily News demands NRA be deemed ‘terrorist organization’

For the hate crime of defending the Constitution against the left’s tyrannical nanny state power grabs and open abuses of power, the New York Daily News is insisting that the State Department vindictively retaliate by condemning the NRA as a terrorist group. This must be what our “pro-tolerance,” “pro-diversity” moral superiors on the left mean when they condescendingly lecture us on “civility.”

Breitbart has the story.

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One thought on “New York Daily News demands NRA be deemed ‘terrorist organization’”

  1. I demand Islam be deemed a hate & terrorist group. After all the Koran is the Mein Kampf of the religious world. It instructs Muslims to degrade, humiliate, oppress, enslave, and slaughter non-believers throughout the entire book. It is 114 Suras of irrational hate, oppression, intolerance, violence and bigotry. Islam is a barbaric political ideology, not a real religion at all. Islam, like Nazi fascism must be destroyed!

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