MSNBC insists the real problem is white people

Ultra-liberal race hysteric Melissa Harris-Perry recently brought NYU professor Cristina Beltran on to MSNBC to inform us all that the “real” threat to America isn’t Islamic terrorists, illegal immigration, national bankruptcy, or the tyrannical shredding of our Constitution…but something far more dangerous and extreme—white people.

Beltran cited “anti-immigrant riots,” “anti-black riots,” “lynch mobs,” and other things that haven’t happened in over half a century to show us all how real and urgent the threat is. Apparently, it is “a really scary, awful, alarming moment in our politics” when Americans object to being endlessly slaughtered by a bloodthirsty cult of Islamic savages on a 1400-year killing spree against all non-believers.

Or when we object to being invaded by millions of foreign criminals (future Democrat voters), and insist on enforcing the most lenient immigration laws on the planet. Or when we reject racist preferential treatment for minorities at everyone else’s expense, also known as “Affirmative Action.”

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Again, liberalism is open war on all things white, male, Christian, and American. And objecting to their non-stop, in-your-face attacks on everything this country stands for now apparently proves that white people are all just standing by waiting to pull out their Klan outfits and relive the good old days.

This is why there can be no serious national dialogue on race in this country. Liberals are involved.

The media are run by ultra-partisan extremists and DNC activists who take all their cues from Media Matters. Higher re-education is run by power-tripping Marxist radicals at war with reality. And Hollywood spends nearly one hundred percent of its time vilifying anything that gets in the way of Democrat power.

The “debate” is always between easily-led automatons who have been bombarded with liberal propaganda for virtually their entire lives, and thinking adults with actual life experience, who live in the real world and can handle intellectual confrontation (conservatives).

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  1. Why it is Miss. Tampax.. She is just a liberal traded nut job.. Who really cares what this tard has to say?? Whatever she say is nothing but bull shit anyway… Besides that she works for MSNBC that should say it all..

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