Media condemned ‘guilt-by-association’ against Obama, now use it to smear Trump

Noticing that Obama mentored under a racist lunatic for twenty years, openly befriended convicted terrorists, or marched with the New Black Panther Party in 2007 is just the dirty trick of “guilt-by-association,” to be indignantly condemned as a sleazy partisan tactic. But now that any random supporter can be used to smear Donald Trump (which is still nothing like Obama enthusiastically participating in the literal equivalent of a Klan rally),  the rules have suddenly changed.

Now, our post-journalism DNC “news media” are falling over each other to turn this total non-event into a scandalous controversy. Click here to see all of the media outlets participating in this inexcusably sleazy and dishonest smear campaign (along with their completely opposite treatment of Obama, when it was people he actually knew, mentored under, and befriended).


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