Media rush in to spin poll results against Tea Party

News media outlets across the country are once again falling over each other to frantically marginalize and discredit the overwhelmingly popular Tea Party movement by any means necessary. This time, they are using a flawed Gallup poll to misrepresent the left’s tireless six-year smear campaign against Tea Partiers as having finally succeeded in irreversibly poisoning the American people against the movement.

The poll results, breathlessly announced on virtually every major outlet as compelling new proof of record low public support for the Tea Party, shows that public support and opposition have decreased by seven points since September of last year. This is what happens when a relentlessly trashed but still popular movement isn’t in the headlines for a while. Passions decrease and neutral feelings increase. For approximately the billionth time, this total non-event in no way indicates the demise of the movement, contrary to the wishful thinking of our post-journalism DNC news media.

For the record, Tea Parties are more educated, mainstream, and have the enthusiastic support of the American people on the vast majority of issues…whether it be on taxesspending, health careguns, immigration, global warming, religion, or media bias.

Literally since the day the movement emerged in 2009, liberals have been using any and every excuse to demonize it, sabotage it, and pronounce it dead, while propping up actual extremists like Occupy Wall Street. Their obscenely biased and dishonest coverage has been well-documented since the very beginning and even openly acknowledged by Democrats.


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