Lindsey Graham trashes conservatives for demanding principled leaders

The king of liberal RINOs is scare-mongering  Republicans against electing a House Speaker who actually represents mainstream, thinking adults (conservatives). Despite the time-proven Reagan-Bush Sr. approach of fighting back and winning by landslides (and the fact that Republicans were swept into power after shutting down the government to resist Obama’s agenda), spineless, unprincipled RINOs like Graham continue to insist that failing to adequately grovel to elitist liberal snobs on every issue “will walk us off a cliff.”

Bipartisan: Republicans giving Democrats everything they want (The Liberal-to-English Dictionary).

If Republicans abandon fiscal sanity, limited government, and the rule of law just get elected, then they have already lost. And if sniveling liberal cowards like Graham could just stop hyperventilating for a second long enough to realize that this electorate is right-of-center, and that liberal ideas can never compete on a level playing field, they might just be able to muster up the integrity to base their actions on the rights and interests of the American people for once.

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