Liberal Republicans suddenly unwilling to compromise for party unity

The same condescending leftist Republicans who wanted Donald Trump to sign a loyalty pledge and who have spent decades lecturing conservatives on the virtues of abandoning their principles to elect GOP candidates are now utterly failing to practice what they preach. As Donald Trump continues to thrive and dominate the primary race (contrary to everything these elitist Washington snobs insisted would happen), they are now  rabidly falling over each other to vindictively trash, smear, and vilify him at all cost.

Worst among them is Lindsey Graham, who recently told the media that Trump is “a complete idiot” and that he would “beat his brains out” in a one-on-one race (Graham’s poll numbers are so low that he keeps getting excluded from the debates). Now that Trump is proposing a temporary ban on new Muslim “refugees,” Graham hysterically condemns him as some kind of racist lunatic and publicly tells him to “go to Hell.”

Republican candidates favored by the left (and hence, by single-digit percentages of regular Americans), like Jeb Bush, are now indignantly blasting Trump as “unhinged,” or as amnesty champion Marco Rubio recently put it, “offensive and outlandish.” John Kasich accused him of “outrageous divisiveness.”  Chris Christie cited it as proof that Trump has “no experience.”

Meanwhile, Ben Carson’s take was that all foreign visitors should “register and be monitored” while they are here, as is standard practice around the world. Ted Cruz’s response was characteristically the best:

Well, that is not my policy. I’ve introduced legislation in the Senate that would put in place a three-year moratorium on refugees coming from countries where ISIS or al Qaeda control a substantial amount of territory.

Nothing better demonstrates the astronomically vast divide between the Washington elites and the American people than the issue of militant Islam. Liberals have already predetermined that no religion can ever be identified as the problem (except for Christianity, which is always the problem, any time it is ever involved in anything), no matter how many centuries of unprovoked carnage endlessly demonstrate the contrary.

Those bent on groveling at the feet of the “religion of peace” to show us all how “enlightened” and “tolerant” they are have already gotten far too many Americans killed in the name of political correctness.  The time has come to stop the madness.

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