Inconvenient truths about the left’s false narrative on race



FBI data continue to reveal rampant black-on-black crime nationwide. But we are not allowed to address the elephant in the room. Instead, we must hyperventilate over each rare case of a white person defending themselves with lethal force…to perpetuate the left’s manufactured, diversionary delusions of persecution.

From Breitbart:

FACT 1. Over 1,400 more black Americans murdered other blacks in two years than were lynched from 1882 to 1968…

FACT 2. Black People (mostly men) commit a grossly disproportionate amount of crime…

FACT 3. Despite making up just 13% of the population, blacks committed half of homicides in the United States for nearly 30 years…

FACT 4. Chicago’s death toll is almost equal to that of both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, combined…

FACT 5. It would take cops 40 years to kill as many black men as have died at the hands of others black men in 2012 alone…

Ignore the glaring epidemic of mass murder plaguing our streets on a daily basis to focus instead on propping up the left’s PC war on reality.

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