Hillary Clinton attacks voter ID laws as ‘a blast from the Jim Crow past’

Hillary Clinton recently responded to the issue of preventing voter fraud by hysterically derailing the subject to smear any and all voter ID laws as racist. This trademark leftist fallacy is known as “ad hominem.” It means to avoid the debate by trashing the personal motives of your opponent, rather than refuting their argument in any way.

“When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” —Socrates.

Top 10 liberal fallacies and how to destroy them

Never mind the fact that the effortless task of acquiring a free or nearly free state ID in no way discriminates against anyone. Or the fact that every other developed country on the planet requires this as an obvious necessity for preventing fraud…and nobody throws embarrassingly stupid tantrums blindly denouncing it as racism except for Democrats.

For the record, 70% of Americans support such measures to protect the integrity of our elections. Once again, it is Democrats who are wildly outside mainstream as they incessantly smear anyone who supports fiscal sanity, free markets, or the rule of law as “extremists.”

Bottom line: The professional election-stealing party of ACORN counts on rampant voter fraud in order to remain relevant, because liberal ideas cannot compete on a level playing field. So they will say absolutely anything to avoid free and fair elections.

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