Fact-Check: Bill Clinton’s policies were a total disaster

Since Bill Clinton has taken it upon himself to come out and inform us all that this astronomical deficit spending, rampant joblessness, endless upheaval in the Middle East and yet another credit downgrade under Democrats is them “taking us in the right direction,” perhaps a brief examination of what Clinton’s policies actually accomplished is in order.

Let’s review:

  • Bill Clinton had the good fortune to be in office when an economic explosion from the tech boom he had nothing to do with happened to take place.
  • He was also dragged kicking and screaming by Republicans into the welfare reforms he now takes credit for (which were eventually undone by Obamacare, contrary to everything we’re told) and left President Bush with a recession.
  • He shoved sweeping tax hikes down our throats, which kept the economy treading water rather than growing for four years straight, until Republicans took control of Congress and forced through massive tax cuts, which started unleashing rapid economic growth within a year.
  • He threatened to drag banks into court, have them fined, branded as racist and driven into ruin if they didn’t lower their lending standards and start giving out more bad loans to unqualified people…which eventually destroyed the housing market and collapsed the economy (as I have explained).
  • Even if you ignore the fact that nobody was making these ludicrous loans to people who had no means of paying them back until Democrats got involved and forced them to (while federally insuring their losses, guaranteeing maximum recklessness) and accept the left’s bogus talking point that it was Republican deregulation that somehow caused the problem…it was Bill Clinton who signed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (the legislation they try to blame) into law.
  • He also put Bin Laden on the map and convinced him that the American soldier is a “paper tiger” without the stomach for war by retreating from him in Somalia, and then responded to years of al Qaida attacks by repeatedly refusing to capture or kill Bin Laden, making it illegal for the CIA, FBI and police to communicate about terrorist threats, and imposing insane PC airport policies that allowed known terrorist threats aboard our planes on 9/11.

It’s just a thought, but perhaps we should be taking our advise from someone other than the guy who destroyed the economy and caused the most horrific terrorist attack in history.

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