Every single thing Democrats told us about Obamacare was a lie

Conservatives warned that this Constitution-shredding health care takeover was going to bankrupt the country, decimate the economy and destroy the health care system, and liberals are finally being startled out of their disgusting tyrant-worshiping trances by the jaw-dropping evidence of this reality as they get blind-sided by exploding premiums, canceled policies and the obliteration of their jobs–all to address a “crisis” that never existed.

Let’s review:

-You cannot keep your existing policy.

-Obamacare does not reduce costs.

-Obamacare does not improve choice.

-Obamacare does not ensure patient privacy.

-Obamacare does not reduce the deficit.

-Obamacare does destroy jobs.

-Obamacare is raising taxes on those making less than $250,000 per year (the biggest tax hike in history, in fact, is Obamacare itself…according to the Supreme Court).

-Obamacare does fund abortion.

-Obamacare does cover illegal immigrants.

-And the American people aren’t embracing it now that they’ve had a chance to see what’s in it.

Every single talking point Democrats used to force through this utterly dysfunctional train wreck of an attack on the free market has now been proven false…and those who resisted their time-disproven nanny state insanity are suddenly no longer being crucified for their opposition.

We have been around in this circle over and over again, and there is a common thread. Every time Democrats are allowed anywhere near positions of power, disastrous policies like this get put in place and we spend decades struggling to recover.

Comprehend it. These people are not thinking adults who can function in the real world. They are dishonest, self-serving scam-artists, control freaks and emotional hysterics who reject everything this country stands for and are incapable of learning from history.

Stop electing them and this insanity will end.


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