Election-rigging tyrant Lois Lerner to face no charges

The IRS official who was caught red-handed illegally singling out Obama opponents during a major national election will face zero consequences for her crimes. This was ensured by the Obama administration obstructing Congress at every turn and putting corrupt partisan cronies in charge of the Department of Justice “investigation.”

This woman, who pleaded the 5th to avoid implicating herself in this inexcusable crime against free and fair elections, was unmistakably exposed breaking the law and abusing her power to silence dissent. She “wrote partisan emails to prove it, then engaged in a massive cover-up effort — with a suspiciously crashed server, an oddly missing BlackBerry and plenty of excuses,” as Investors’ Business Daily put it.

Instead of being prosecuted and sent to prison (76% of Americans agree that she deliberately destroyed the conveniently missing emails), she will now get to keep her “retirement on a full pension with all her bonuses” (at maximum taxpayer expense) and be able to live out the remainder of her days in the luxury of “a multimillion-dollar mansion in the deep D.C. suburbs,” IBD added.

Blatant injustice and corruption, attacks on dissent, and open crimes against the Constitution. What’s left of the republic is being obliterated by partisan extremists and treasonous tyrants at war with the American people.

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