Democrats have always hated black people

With all the race-baiting media attacks (see here and here) taking place against Herman Cain for daring to be a black Tea Partier and unapologetically liberty-minded patriot, it seems an education on the history of race in America is in order.

As I noted the last time Harry Reid forgot the cameras were on and revealed how he feels about “negroes,” let’s review:

  • Democrats fought against Republicans to protect slavery.
  • Democrats invented the Klan…and still have a former Klansman third in line to be president.
  • Democrats fought Republican attempts to integrate the schools.
  • In Election 2008, Democrats called blacks “lazy,” “violent” or responsible for their own troubles, and many refused to vote for a black president.
  • Democrats stripped blacks of parental choice and forced their children back into disastrous government-run schools…after Republicans had liberated them.
  • Democrats published vicious cartoons of Condi Rice as an ignorant mammy sputtering sentence fragments and as a parrot with giant lips…and called Clarence Thomas everything from “lawn jockey” to “Oreo.”
  • And to this day, Democrats continue to cheapen and taint black accomplishments through lowered standards and racist preferential treatment in schools and in the workplace.

In fact, until Democrats began pandering to blacks with dependence-creating handouts to exploit them for votes, the black community didn’t even have the rampant crime, divorce, illegitimacy, abortions, etc. that now plague it relentlessly. As with virtually everything liberals do, the more they have “helped” blacks, the further down the toilet the black community has gone.

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