Democrats give Iran everything it wants as it pretends to stop going nuclear

Democrats just appeased Iran with everything they wanted in exchange for literally nothing but empty promises. Iran’s in-your-face terror-sponsoring regime–which constantly starts proxy wars, denies the holocaust, and chants “Death to America! Death to Israel!” in the streets–will now have $150 billion more with which to fund and arm jihadists, modernize its air force, develop weapons, arm itself to the teeth (by purchasing massive weapons stockpiles from Russia), and exert its influence across the Middle East.

This regime has already been repeatedly caught lying about its nuclear program during the negotiations, and is currently pouring asphalt over its nuclear sites to hide its most recent violations. And contrary to everything Democrats promised us about being able to conduct inspections anytime, anywhere, we now must give this lunatic Islamo-fascist regime (which was installed by Democrats under Carter) twenty-four days notice before we conduct any inspections.

Newsflash: History repeats.

Iran will break every single promise it made (just like North Korea did when Democrats gave them fuel, money, and nuclear technology to not go nuclear, and just like the Nazis did when their endless acts of aggression were appeased at every turn), and Democrats will continue doing nothing as it goes nuclear right under his nose, in broad daylight–which this deal even guarantees in writing by preventing the sanctions from being reintroduced without a complicated resolution process. And Israel will continue to be condemned as a warmonger anytime it even considers fighting back in any way.

Democrats didn’t even try to get the four Americans wrongly imprisoned by Iran released. We had all the advantages and folded with a royal flush. The U.S. got literally nothing out of this catastrophic surrender except a destabilizing regional arms race and inevitable war between Israel and Iran at some point, now possibly on a nuclear scale. This is what happens when liberals–the people who burn our flag, ban our Pledge, aid our enemies, betray our allies, and decimate our military–are allowed anywhere near positions of power. It happens every single time.

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