Democrats’ 15 worst foreign policy disasters

As difficult as it is to narrow down and rank the 15 most devastating liberal policy failures over so many decades of relentless Democrat incompetence and treason, here are the most costly and destructive examples:

15) Outraging and alienating our allies around the world by illegally spying on their citizens, using drones to illegally assassinate people at will, and lying about closing down Guantanamo Bay.

14) Enthusiastically embracing the “Arab Spring” on the anniversary of 9/11, as violent Muslim fanatics stormed our embassy in Egypt, tore down and desecrated our flag, and set the stage for widespread public bloodshed.

13) Drawing a “red line” on Syria’s chemical weapons, only to stand there and do nothing (except lie about having drawn that red line) as Syria mass-murdered its civilians while laughing in our face.

12) Appeasing Russia on every front, only to be defied, mocked, and humiliated as Putin promptly began invading his neighbors, oppressing his people, and flagrantly provoking us with impunity.

11) Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in Vietnam.

10) Abandoning four Americans to be dragged through the streets and tortured to death by bloodthirsty Islamic savages in Benghazi, and then falsely portraying it as the result of Americans having the right to disagree with Islam in public.

9) Releasing five major terrorist leaders to appease the Taliban into releasing one America-hating deserter.

8) Appeasing North Korea with money, fuel, and nuclear technology as it went nuclear.

7) Betraying our moderate ally in Iran (the Shah) to replace him with Iran’s current lunatic Islamo-fascist regime.

6) Dismantling our missile defenses as Iran and North Korea went nuclear.

5) Betraying our most critical ally in the Middle East to appease Iran’s terror-sponsoring regime as it went nuclear.

4) Absolutely gutting the military budget to the bone, compromising national defense and emboldening our enemies by signaling to the world that the US no longer has the will or means to confront foreign threats.

3) Bill Clinton’s eight-year non-response to constant al Qaida attacks leading up to 9/11 (retreat from bin Laden in Somalia, first WTC attack, barracks bombing in Saudi Arabia, embassy bombings in Africa, USS Cole, etc.).

2) Handing Afghanistan back to the Taliban–the terror-sponsoring regime that facilitated 9/11.

1) Ignoring all the experts and rushing out of Iraq before their government was fully ready to take over, thereby effectively handing the country to al Qaida…after they had already been defeated there and driven out.

Of course, this list doesn’t even include the scores of other jaw-dropping liberal policy disasters that have plagued this country for the last seventy years, like the Bay of Pigs catastrophe (which caused the Cuban Missile Crisis), or Democrats losing China to the communists…or their endless domestic policy failures.

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