CNN caught in biased smear campaign against Ben Carson

Imagine if CNN had been willing in 2008 to question the fact that Obama sat in the pews of a racist lunatic for twenty years, mentored under Marxist subversives, or befriended open terrorists (and was caught repeatedly lying about it). Instead, they responded to any mention of these scandalous outrages by either downplaying them or with indignant outrage and calls for “civility.”

This is the polar opposite of how they are now handling the actual vetting of Republican Ben Carson. Every single action from fifty years ago is suddenly a scandalous, newsworthy revelation, now that a black politician has wondered off the plantation and forgotten to march in lockstep with the left’s welfare check-wielding thought police.

And it isn’t just CNN. Even “scandals” that are 100% invented out of thin air and provably false are being hurled at Carson’s candidacy.

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