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Stephen King: ‘Happy Holidays,’ even to ‘NRA types’ and Donald Trump supporters

 Preachy, in-your-face liberal complainer Stephen King decided to celebrate Christmas by vindictively politicizing his Twitter feed to smear anyone who supports gun rights or Donald Trump as someone undeserving of happy holidays.
Yes, even those heinous monsters who refuse to shred the Constitution and surrender our God-given right to self-rule (gun rights) to enact more of the same disastrous policies that failed in Paris, failed in San Bernardino, and fail so spectacularly every day in the Utopian gun-controlled war zone that is Chicago…even those evil bastards should still get a happy holiday season.
And even those who dare to think beyond the media’s hysterical partisan hyperventilating over anything and everything ever said or done by Donald Trump 24/7 on virtually every major outlet…even those women-hating Klansmen deserve pleasant holidays.
See how “enlightened” and “tolerant” these liberal champions of “civility” (condescending elitist snobs who never live in the real world or have to come up with policies that actually work) can be to us unsophisticated peasant rabble who just refuse to embrace open borders, national bankruptcy, infidel-slaughtering Islamic “refugees,” and maximum nanny state dependency?
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Hollywood extremists trash 2nd Amendment with Obama

Constitution-shredding tyrant-worshipers in Hollywood have made a convenient, easy-to-use boycott list for consumers, in the form of a Obama propaganda commercial against gun rights…

Never mind the fact that the American people are more emphatically rejecting idiotic left-wing “assault weapon” bans than any time in decades (massive media narrative fail). Our right-of-center country is beyond disgusted at this point with these condescending elitist snobs and their uneducated, liberty-killing war on the Constitution.

This latest knife in the back is exactly the kind of betrayal that comes to mind when Hollywood indignantly demands that consumers stop downloading their movies.  Which is worse, stealing from your enemies or funding them?

We constantly make these preachy, emotional liberal hysterics into famous millionaires who then turn around and abuse their positions to tear down everything this country stands for. Stop funding these open enemies of our God-given right to self-rule.

The celebrities involved include Kevin Bacon, Sarah Silverman, Jennifer Aniston, Julianne Moore, Amy Schumer, Spike Lee, Sofia Vergara, Ty Burrell, Nick Offerman, Sarah Silverman, and Michael J. Fox.

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