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Media condemned ‘guilt-by-association’ against Obama, now use it to smear Trump

Noticing that Obama mentored under a racist lunatic for twenty years, openly befriended convicted terrorists, or marched with the New Black Panther Party in 2007 is just the dirty trick of “guilt-by-association,” to be indignantly condemned as a sleazy partisan tactic. But now that any random supporter can be used to smear Donald Trump (which is still nothing like Obama enthusiastically participating in the literal equivalent of a Klan rally),  the rules have suddenly changed.

Now, our post-journalism DNC “news media” are falling over each other to turn this total non-event into a scandalous controversy. Click here to see all of the media outlets participating in this inexcusably sleazy and dishonest smear campaign (along with their completely opposite treatment of Obama, when it was people he actually knew, mentored under, and befriended).


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Trump’s Tea Party spokeswoman destroys liberals

If you haven’t witnessed Donald Trump’s devastating Coulter-esque brawler of a spokeswoman in action, here is your chance. Her name is Katrina Pierson. She is brilliant, from the Tea Party movement, and she absolutely obliterates bogus liberal arguments everywhere she goes.

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Liberal Republicans suddenly unwilling to compromise for party unity

The same condescending leftist Republicans who wanted Donald Trump to sign a loyalty pledge and who have spent decades lecturing conservatives on the virtues of abandoning their principles to elect GOP candidates are now utterly failing to practice what they preach. As Donald Trump continues to thrive and dominate the primary race (contrary to everything these elitist Washington snobs insisted would happen), they are now  rabidly falling over each other to vindictively trash, smear, and vilify him at all cost.

Worst among them is Lindsey Graham, who recently told the media that Trump is “a complete idiot” and that he would “beat his brains out” in a one-on-one race (Graham’s poll numbers are so low that he keeps getting excluded from the debates). Now that Trump is proposing a temporary ban on new Muslim “refugees,” Graham hysterically condemns him as some kind of racist lunatic and publicly tells him to “go to Hell.”

Republican candidates favored by the left (and hence, by single-digit percentages of regular Americans), like Jeb Bush, are now indignantly blasting Trump as “unhinged,” or as amnesty champion Marco Rubio recently put it, “offensive and outlandish.” John Kasich accused him of “outrageous divisiveness.”  Chris Christie cited it as proof that Trump has “no experience.”

Meanwhile, Ben Carson’s take was that all foreign visitors should “register and be monitored” while they are here, as is standard practice around the world. Ted Cruz’s response was characteristically the best:

Well, that is not my policy. I’ve introduced legislation in the Senate that would put in place a three-year moratorium on refugees coming from countries where ISIS or al Qaeda control a substantial amount of territory.

Nothing better demonstrates the astronomically vast divide between the Washington elites and the American people than the issue of militant Islam. Liberals have already predetermined that no religion can ever be identified as the problem (except for Christianity, which is always the problem, any time it is ever involved in anything), no matter how many centuries of unprovoked carnage endlessly demonstrate the contrary.

Those bent on groveling at the feet of the “religion of peace” to show us all how “enlightened” and “tolerant” they are have already gotten far too many Americans killed in the name of political correctness.  The time has come to stop the madness.

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Trump addresses the political correctness that cost San Bernardino citizens their lives

Someone had to say it. Of course it would be Donald Trump. The left’s hysterical, speech-trampling witch-hunt against “racism” has consequences. The terrorists were seen gearing up but nobody would say anything.  See also the 100% preventable Fort Hood massacre, the Boston Marathon bombing (committed by ‘refugees’ who were thoroughly ‘vetted’), the first WTC attack, etc.

Top 10 signs Islam is not a ‘religion of peace’

San Bernardino terrorist was thoroughly ‘vetted’

NY Daily News hysterically smears NRA to protect Obama, Muslims

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Jeb Bush fumbles on the Constitution to defend amnesty

Jeb Bush peddled inaccurate information about the Constitution on Thursday to defend amnesty for illegal immigrants. He erroneously insisted that what makes it so “unfeasible” to have police officers simply take illegal immigrants to deportation facilities upon discovering them is the fact that we must give each illegal immigrant due process.

This ignores the fact that the protections afforded to the American people under the Constitution don’t apply to foreign criminals who have broken into our country illegally as part of a sweeping invasion of our borders. All that is necessary is to identify them as legally or illegally here, and then respond accordingly. This process is extremely easy to streamline. This entire talking point is a dishonest diversion.

And speaking of “unfeasible,” it costs approximately 70 times more to give free taxpayer-funded health care, education, and welfare checks to tens of millions of illegal immigrants for life than it does to simply drive them to a deportation facility.

Try again, sleazy leftist RINO.

Top 10 reasons Jeb Bush should never be president

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Hillary falsely insists veterans very ‘satisfied with their treatment’

Hillary Clinton recently insisted that Republicans are simply making it all up and that veterans are genuinely “satisfied with their treatment” at the Department of Veterans Affairs. But Obama’s own Inspector General is on the record admitting that 300,000 veterans have died waiting on service at this gleaming bastion of government-run health care.

Polls from Gallup and veterans groups also blatantly contradict Clinton’s talking point. According to June 2014 Gallup poll, 55 percent of veterans say it is either somewhat difficult or very difficult to get service at the VA. And according to a Concerned Veterans for America poll from February of this year, 88 percent of veterans want health care outside the VA.

Try again, and please stop lying.

Top 10 reasons Hillary Clinton should never be president

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Election-rigging tyrant Lois Lerner to face no charges

The IRS official who was caught red-handed illegally singling out Obama opponents during a major national election will face zero consequences for her crimes. This was ensured by the Obama administration obstructing Congress at every turn and putting corrupt partisan cronies in charge of the Department of Justice “investigation.”

This woman, who pleaded the 5th to avoid implicating herself in this inexcusable crime against free and fair elections, was unmistakably exposed breaking the law and abusing her power to silence dissent. She “wrote partisan emails to prove it, then engaged in a massive cover-up effort — with a suspiciously crashed server, an oddly missing BlackBerry and plenty of excuses,” as Investors’ Business Daily put it.

Instead of being prosecuted and sent to prison (76% of Americans agree that she deliberately destroyed the conveniently missing emails), she will now get to keep her “retirement on a full pension with all her bonuses” (at maximum taxpayer expense) and be able to live out the remainder of her days in the luxury of “a multimillion-dollar mansion in the deep D.C. suburbs,” IBD added.

Blatant injustice and corruption, attacks on dissent, and open crimes against the Constitution. What’s left of the republic is being obliterated by partisan extremists and treasonous tyrants at war with the American people.

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NRA approval rating far better than Hillary Clinton’s

A recent Gallup poll shows that the NRA’s approval rating is sixteen percent higher than Hillary Clinton’s. Hillary is currently at 42%, while the NRA is at 58%.

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Hillary Clinton attacks voter ID laws as ‘a blast from the Jim Crow past’

Hillary Clinton recently responded to the issue of preventing voter fraud by hysterically derailing the subject to smear any and all voter ID laws as racist. This trademark leftist fallacy is known as “ad hominem.” It means to avoid the debate by trashing the personal motives of your opponent, rather than refuting their argument in any way.

“When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” —Socrates.

Top 10 liberal fallacies and how to destroy them

Never mind the fact that the effortless task of acquiring a free or nearly free state ID in no way discriminates against anyone. Or the fact that every other developed country on the planet requires this as an obvious necessity for preventing fraud…and nobody throws embarrassingly stupid tantrums blindly denouncing it as racism except for Democrats.

For the record, 70% of Americans support such measures to protect the integrity of our elections. Once again, it is Democrats who are wildly outside mainstream as they incessantly smear anyone who supports fiscal sanity, free markets, or the rule of law as “extremists.”

Bottom line: The professional election-stealing party of ACORN counts on rampant voter fraud in order to remain relevant, because liberal ideas cannot compete on a level playing field. So they will say absolutely anything to avoid free and fair elections.

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The complete list of Hillary’s qualifications

The following is an exhaustive, comprehensive list of every reason Democrats have been able to come up with to vote for Hillary Clinton:
  • She has a vagina.
  • She was cheated on by her pathological sex-offender of a husband (whose policies wrecked the economy and caused 9/11).
  • She was a Senator just long enough to accomplish absolutely nothing other than to run for president.
  • She was Secretary of State just long enough to preside over Benghazi, our endless groveling and surrender to Russia, Islamic terror states, and our appeasement of Iran as it went nuclear.
  • Her candidacy was hijacked and destroyed by Obama in 2008.

That’s literally the entire list of her qualifications. Her genitalia, and being a repeated failure, loser, and victim. She cannot offer one single actual, legitimate reason for anyone to vote for her.

She is a corrupt,  scandal-plagued elitist snob, a habitual liar,  and an open enemy of the Constitution with a track record that ranges from non-existent to disastrous. Only among the gender-obsessed emotional hysterics of the left could such a worthless career-criminal with zero to offer the American people ever be taken seriously as a contender for the presidency.

And the only other option they have to offer is a Marxist nanny state tyrant who wants to double the national debt, raise taxes to obscene European levels, and obliterate what little is left of the Constitution at this point.

Top 10 reasons Hillary Clinton should never be president

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