‘Black Lives Matter’ is a terrorist group pushing a fraudulent narrative

Fact: The police “controversies” that BLM invents out of thin air and clings to at every turn are consistently laughed out of court and dismissed by even the most left-wing news sources. Every single thing they have argued about violent criminals who died while committing their crimes, from Trayvon Martin to Michael Brown, has turned out to be a fraud.

Fact: Studies consistently confirm that everything “Black Lives Matter” claims about crime and police shootings is false. The numbers show that the majority of poor people in this country are white, that blacks (who only make up about fourteen percent of the population) commit a wildly disproportionate amount of the crime, and that most police shootings in the U.S. are against white people.

Fact: Unlike Tea Partiers, the NRA, Trump supporters, and everyone else who gets hysterically denounced as a terrorist by the left for questioning their disastrous, time-disproven policies, “Black Lives Matter” really does throw violent tantrums, burn cities down, demand the “lynching” of white people, cheer the murder of police officers, and commit widespread hate crimes against those who dare to disagree with them or get in the way of their lunatic agenda (i.e., actual terrorism).

Newsflash: There is no conspiracy. “Black Lives Matter” is a terrorist group that erroneously scapegoats white people and the police to justify racism, anarchy and murder.

Interestingly, these are precisely the kinds of dangerous extremists Obama routinely invites to the White House, praises for their “outstanding work,” and deliberately legitimizes. As Investor’s Business Daily puts it, “by the standards of responsibility constantly being propagated by the left, who tried to pin Rep. Gabby Giffords’ shooting on Sarah Palin and the terrorist attack at a gay nightclub in Florida on Christian conservatives,” Democrats are at least partly to blame for this terrorist group’s non-stop acts of violence against dissent.

Side note: The only examples of actual racial discrimination that withstand even a moment of serious scrutiny are of minorities being handed other people’s jobs, educational opportunities, and home loans despite being less qualified, based on race alone (i.e., racist preferential treatment). Unlike the embarrassingly paranoid conspiracy theories on which liberals base their violent tantrums, this indisputable, actual discrimination is a matter of record. It is enforced by law under left’s Constitution-trampling Affirmative Action crusades, endless frivolous lawsuits, and “community organizing” (intimidation campaigns).

Again, what liberals mean by “equality” is the special treatment of minorities at everyone else’s expense (the exact opposite of what equality actually is). And what they call “discrimination” is holding everyone to the same standards and basing everything on merit and qualifications (actual equality).


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