Bernie Sanders trashes U.S. as being founded on ‘racist principles’


Apparently incapable of grasping the fact that free markets, self-rule, and limited government have zero to do with skin color, socialist Bernie Sanders trashed the U.S. as a country founded on “racist principles” Monday.

He was responding to a question at Liberty University about how to end racism in America (something that was on the verge of extinction until our “post-racial” leftist ideologue-in-chief spent years frantically pouring gasoline on the fire, imposing racist attacks on white people, falsely trashing the police, and race-baiting minorities at every turn), when he ironically demonstrated exactly what the problem is—Democrats relentlessly detecting imaginary racism in every aspect of society and convincing minorities that they are entitled victims when they are not.

Incidentally, click here to see what life in socialist Europe is actually like (since that is precisely what Bernie Sanders seeks to turn us into). Also, be sure to check out the two videos below on our country’s actual racial history (top) and John Stossel’s timeless take-down of socialism (bottom).

Breitbart has the story.

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