Americans overwhelmingly reject the left’s war on Christians, Confederate flag

Recent polls show that the vast majority of Americans oppose the left’s fringe, tyrannical crusade to demonize and eradicate all signs of our Confederate heritage. According to a CNN/ORC poll from Thursday, fifty-seven percent reject this uneducated smear campaign against the Confederate flag as a symbol of racism and instead embrace it as the symbol of defiance and Southern pride that it is.

And while mainstream Americans are correctly comprehending its history and meaning, another thirty-three percent (the Democrat base) are still hysterically shrieking, fainting, and convulsing…over a flag that had absolutely nothing to do with the Charleston shooting.

A Suffolk University/USA Today poll from Tuesday also found that a stunning seventy percent flatly reject the idea of a federal ban on the flag. And only thirty-eight percent (little more than the Democrat base) view the Charleston shooting as symptomatic of a larger problem with racism in this country.

Meanwhile, despite majority support for gay marriage (after decades of Hollywood relentlessly normalizing and mainstreaming homosexuality), Americans are also still solidly against the left’s tyrannical, Constitution-shredding use of un-elected, unaccountable activist judges to force it on us. According to an AP-GFK poll from January, fifty-seven percent think Christian businesses should be allowed to refuse to endorse or participate in homosexual weddings.

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