African deserts getting greener, Anarctic sea ice growing, zero global warming


A new study from Arizona State University has confirmed that Africa’s deserts are getting greener. As reported Tuesday by Breitbart, contrary to everything climate alarmists have told us, Africa’s deserts have been “steadily ‘regreening’ since the severe droughts of the 1970s and 1980s,” and this process has already “saved hundreds of thousands of Africans from extreme poverty, starvation and premature death.”

The new findings confirm earlier reports of a consistent “regreening” pattern that was hysterically attacked by climate alarmists who insisted the trend was insignificant, short-term, and guaranteed to reverse itself. As usual, doomsday predictions of the Earth’s climate-induced demise have been greatly exagerrated.

Additionally, NASA reports that Antarctic Sea ice has now reached record maximums. And polar bear populations, contrary to relentless left-wing scaremongering, have actually been increasing for years, not decreasing. And satellite data continue to confirm that there has been zero global warming whatsoever in almost 19 years.

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