11,000 new illegal immigrant children have crossed border since October


The latest tidal wave of illegal immigrants pouring across our completely uncontrolled border includes 11,000 new uneducated children who largely won’t be able to speak English, but will be forced into our public school systems at maximum taxpayer expense, like all the others. These children will receive welfare checks, Food Stamps, and every other imaginable kind of nanny state handout for the rest of their lives (as we continue spiraling into complete and utter national bankruptcy).

These foreign criminals continue streaming across what Obama hilariously insists is the most secure border in history because liberals treasonously refuse to lift a finger to defend this country, as always. But more than that, they have even advertised to deliberately lure more of these future Democrat voters (hence the purpose) across our borders.

Again, liberals stand for absolutely nothing other than Democrat power. Nothing else matters. Not public safety, not the rule of law, not the economy. Nothing.

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